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How To Find The Best Female Escort For You?

So how do you find the best female escort for you… Seems a straightforward question right? 

Well you'd be surprised just how many clients we speak to at Secrets that tell us how disappointed they've been when they have used other escort agencies & independent escorts in the past. So being the friendly escort agency that we are, we thought we'd give you some quick guidelines on how to find your perfect escort. Most professional agencies tend to be very consistent regarding the type of ladies they allow to join them. So we'd recommend using an escort agency rather than an independent escort.

How Do I Select An Escort Agency That I Can Trust?
An escort agencies' role is to try and find the right lady for you, so be upfront & honest about the type of lady you would like. The operator should be friendly and helpful and listen to your your requirements. There is not point spending time with someone who you are not physically attracted to.

Choose an agency website that has good reviews, do some google searches for sites like Punterlink & Punternet. Some clients share information about particular female companions they’ve had a really good time with. It can really help if you’ve read someone else has had the pleasure of a certain lady’s company before and they have had a really enjoyable time.

How Do I Know If The Escort Agency I’ve Chosen Is Professional?
One of the first things you should look out for is a land line number. Over the years we’ve seen so many escort agencies come and go. It’s very easy to get a website built but running a successful escort agency like any business is hard work. Professional agencies will also vet the ladies that want to join them so you're more likely to get what you're looking for.

Another quick check you can do is do some searches on their pictures to make sure they're not using stolen images or stock photographs. A free online site like TinEye is a great tool to use if you're unsure about the pictures. Its not fool proof but it does search all the major stock image websites on a regular basis. Also look out for agency websites that are updated on a regular basis, another clear sign its a real genuine hard working agency.

How To Choose Your Female Companion?
Some clients start to age as their most important factor others it’s body shape, hair colour or bust size. So decide what rely get you going and focus on that. For example, if your ideal escort is someone who’s aged 21 with big boobs, blonde hair, blue eyes and a dress size 8 focus on what's really important to you. If you see a girl on an escort agency website that you like the look of but she is aged 25, does that really matter to you. If so then age is going to be your primary focus.. Or maybe age is not such a big deal but you like a lady with a big deal but you like a lady with a big bust. You're going to find it impossible to find everything you're looking for so pick 2 main things and focus on that. You’ll then find your choice of ladies is now much larger and the operator can now advise you a lot easier.

How Much Should I Spend?
That’s completely up to you. Your budget is also important, never spend money you can’t afford.

How much time would you like your new female companion to visit for?
Over the years we’ve found 2 hours or more have a better feedback rating. So take your budget into account and stick to it unless you're happy for her to stay longer once she has arrived.

What If Things Are Not Going Well?
Once your escort has arrived and for some reason things are not going as planned, it’s always best to give the agency a call. Politely explain what the problem is to see if a solution can be reached. We’ve found a simple phone call really helps to resolve any awkward situations, after all the agency is there to help you.

Escort Agency Feedback?
It’s always best to let the escort agency know if you’ve annoyed your time with your companion. That's why the agency can recommend certain ladies to you if you were ever to call back.

We hope you find this quick guide helpful, its by know means fool proof but doing your homework can really make a difference. Why have an unpleasant escort experience when you can have an amazing one instead.

Good luck in your search for the best escort experience possible..

Secrets Escorts Team

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