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The recent furore surrounding the treatment of female hostesses at the annual Presidents Club charity dinner at The Dorchester is something of an interesting topic to us here at Secrets Escorts Manchester. Being a highly rated Manchester escort agency we are obviously well used to catering to a male-dominated market, but in this day and age, should lines be drawn about what is and isn’t acceptable in today’s society?

This exclusively male event for 300 "esteemed members of the investment, real estate, sports, entertainment, motor industry and fashion" worlds is an annual get-together hosted by and for the various (exclusively male) movers and shakers of the business world. While a few decades ago it was de rigueur for nightclubs, dinners and formal events to be restricted to men and ‘hostessed’ by women, in 2018 we live in different times. An increasing, although still comparatively few, number of women hold the kind of senior positions represented at the Presidents Club dinner, but still this event remains closed to women of this stature. More worryingly, the only access allowed to women is in a scantily-clad ‘hostess’ capacity – which kind of suggests, in the words of Harvey Specter, ‘I’m up here and you’re down here’.  So in the 21st century is there really a place for events like this, and is it time we put an end to the objectification of women for male pleasure?

It’s been argued by academics and pundits alike that all-male gatherings of this nature are outdated and merely pay lip service to the endemic problem of inequality in today’s society. But is this true? After all, all-women forums and events are becoming increasingly common as women fight to gain seniority in organisations and businesses around the world. As more women quite rightly take up the mantle of seniority and leadership, so argue the academics that women should have the closed space to be able to discuss diversity and empowerment. So it seems that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. However, we can’t help thinking that it’s difficult to break down walls and create inclusion and acceptance of equality when the discussion is not open to all. Surely even creating gender-exclusive spaces inherently goes against the concept of inclusion, which brings us back to the initial question. In 2018 is there a place for men-only events such as this then? Probably not.

But what about the issue of female objectification? Well that’s a whole different kettle of fish. We operate a busy escort service in Manchester. Our business is literally founded on women providing men with their time and company, very much with male pleasure and satisfaction in mind. Our VIP escorts are the best escorts in Manchester and they go all out to make sure that their clients are fully satisfied – it is part and parcel what we do. We here at Secrets Escorts Manchester think there’s a marked difference between women making a choice to earn money by putting male desire first, and having it forced upon them. To ask 150 women to wear skimpy outfits and matching underwear and ‘mingle’ with a roomful of men who then press their advantage in an unexpected and unwelcome fashion is somewhat different from a woman choosing to meet her client with full awareness of what their meeting will entail. It’s about choice, and here at Secrets Escorts Manchester we choose to give our male clients their heart’s desire. We believe that puts us in a position of empowerment, and that’s a pretty good position to be in in 2018.

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