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Petite Princess Grace - Adorable Manchester Escort

Petite princess Grace is one of the most adorable and familiar faces at our Manchester escort agency. Grace joined Secrets just after her 18th birthday, having rung constantly for nearly a year hoping to be able to join our ranks.

Grace really is the perfect combination of sugar and spice. Book this manchester escort tonight 0161-798-6769As soon as we spoke to this lively, chatty little lady, we knew we were on to a good thing, and we ended up being as impatient for her to start as she was!  Having been with Secrets for a year, Grace is now celebrating her first birthday as an escort with us, so what better opportunity to crack open a bottle of something bubbly and delicious over a chat with one of Secrets most popular ladies…

Secrets: ‘Happy birthday Grace! You’ve made a whole year as an escort – how does it feel?’

Grace: ‘Awwww, thanks – I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Where on earth has the time gone? I’ve been having such an amazing time here, and you know what they say – time flies when you’re having fun, and I’ve certainly been having a lot of fun! I only got up an hour ago – I’ve been partying Secrets’ style all night.’

Secrets: ‘Oooh, tell us what you got up to?’

Grace: ‘Well I got my first call at about 7.30pm from a gorgeous guy I’ve seen a few times already. He’s amazing – he’s a businessman and he travels all over the world. He comes to Manchester every few months and calls asking for me because we have a wild time together. I get picked up in this massive black chauffeured car and we hit the town, partying all night long going from one bar and club to another before heading back to the Hilton on Deansgate where he has a suite. And then the party really gets started!’

Secrets: ‘That sounds amazing!’

Petite princess Grace is one of the most adorable and familiar faces at our Manchester escort agencyGrace: ‘It is! I love my friends and all that, but I’d much rather have a night out with him! I just feel sorry for the chauffeur as we’re bouncing from one place to the next all evening – the poor guy must be exhausted, not to mention frustrated from watching me drive his boss wild with all sorts of interesting antics.’

Secrets: ‘Are all of your bookings so luxurious?’

Grace: ‘No, not at all. I’ve been on some really exclusive bookings in some really well known places with some really well known, wealthy guys, but I’ve also enjoyed much quieter and more modest bookings. I think the thing they all have in common is that in the main they’ve all been really lovely, respectful guys. I guess I don’t really mind much whether it’s a guy with money to burn, or a guy who’s worked hard all week to earn the money for an hour of my time, I just appreciate a man who knows how to treat a lady – one thing I’ve learnt this year is that you can’t put a price on being a gentleman.’ 

Secrets: ‘Clients often comment on how young but level headed you are. Would you agree with that?’

Grace: ‘I can be sensible when I need to but I think my sense of fun and adventure wins out most of the time! I’ve gotten myself into some very interesting scrapes, but I can usually flirt my way out of them. I just love to have a good time and I reckon I’m still young enough to get away with having a wayward streak.’

Secrets: ‘So what will guys get out of booking you?’

Grace: ‘Fun! Loads and loads of fun! Don’t bother looking at anyone else – we’ll have a blast so you may as well pick me. And of course I can promise that I won’t leave your side until you’re completely satisfied. Probably several times over.’

If you need any more convincing that Grace is your ideal date tonight, call Secrets on 0161 798 6769 to speak to one of our friendly receptionists.

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