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Jodie Delivers The Definitive Manchester Escort Experience

Sexy girl-next-door Jodie joined Secrets around two months ago, and boy is this little minx stirring up a storm!To look at Jodie, you’d think that this innocent looking doll was perhaps a business student, a trainee nurse or a school teacher, but Jodie’s subtle beauty and style conceal a much, much naughtier truth and a very, very wild side!When Jodie called into our studio for her second shoot, we thought we’d pull this pretty Manchester escort to one side and get her to tell you a little bit about what she gets up to when she lets her hair down…Hi you. I really hope you love this new set of photos as much as I do. And now that you’ve had a chance to look at me in all my (partially naked) glory, do you find yourself a little besotted with this fiery auburn haired escort who is as eager to pose for you as I am for the camera? Not only do I give a free rein to my wickedness when I’m in the studio, I’m also an expert at delivering the definitive Manchester escort experience. You’ll love the way I tease you by undulating my body as I slowly strip to just my lingerie – and believe me when I say that my underwear choices are naughty enough to make you beg for more. You won’t be begging long though, because when I dance, I get very, very turned on and when I see my desire mirrored in your eyes, there’s no telling what might happen. My firm curves, silky titian hair and tight bottom will drive you absolutely wild, especially when I show you how I work this body to give you the ultimate foreplay experience.I’m an active, sporty girl and when I’m not seducing guys, I can always be found at the gym, so not only is my body firm and juicy, I am also groomed for endurance. I can go allllllll night long – even my friends call me the Duracell Bunny. I’m a healthy, feminine shape with all my curves in all the right places and you’ll love how my cute little bum flares out from my tiny waist. When I’m alone with a respectful guy, my mind and body turn into heat seeking missiles – I just want to have fun in the sexiest way possible and I don’t stop until we are both blissfully satisfied. Blondes like to claim they have more fun, but I have to disagree – when you book a date with a feisty red head, you’re guaranteed a wild time, but the only way you’ll find out is by fanning the flames that are smouldering inside this tempting and tantalising body. I get so turned on by a man who is up for the kind of open minded, sensual fun that I enjoy best, and if you can match my stamina then we’re in for the night of our lives.Discerning gentlemen know I am an indulgence not to be missed, so I’m a busy girl, which is just the way I like it – after all it isn’t just men who are allowed to have voracious appetites for lust. That said, I always have time to meet respectful guys with whom I can strike up new friendships in the pursuit of fun. I love the head rush of exploring new sensations and creating memories you will never forget. I don’t believe in rushing, so you’ll always have me by your side for the exact amount of time you’ve booked – and if you’d like me to stay a little longer so we can play a little more, then please just ask. I can be as gentle or as raunchy as you like; a soft, sweet girl next door or a wild and untamed coquette. My focus will always be your ultimate satisfaction, but I very much doubt you’ll mind that I’m enjoying myself just as much as you are - I always love it when men appreciate my need for physical passion. You’ll be spellbound by my innate ability to put you at ease as we explore everything that you fantasise about and desire – so what are you waiting for…?If you’d like Jodie to be your sexy little Secret tonight, just call our Manchester offices on 0161 798 6769 to make a date with this outstanding escort.

Manchester Escort Harper - Ship Ahoy!!!

Popular Manchester Escort Harper popped into our studio last week for a very memorable photo shoot. This stunning, toned and tight-bodied escort decided to break from the norm and choosing a very sexy and naughty little sailor girl outfit to show off her exceptionally slender frame. As she emerged from the studio looking a little bit hot under the collar, we thought we’d offer this fair maiden a glass of something cool to re4fresh her, but the conversation just got steamy… Secrets: ‘Ahoy there Harper – nice outfit!’ Harper: (curtsies cheekily) ‘Why thank you captain! Do you like my new outfit?’   Secrets: ‘We certainly do! You look like you’re about to seduce the treasure from right under the pirate.’ Harper: (laughing loudly) ‘Ooooh, I’ve always fancied being a pirate’s wench, so when I saw this little number, I knew I had to wear it for this shoot. I love how the bodice clings to my waist, and this little skirt and the stripy stockings make me feel truly wicked. I hope someone requests that I wear this soon, because they’ll definitely get a jolly rogering – get it!?’   Secrets: (groaning) ‘What made you change from your more traditional lingerie shoots?’ Harper: ‘I absolutely adore lingerie – I have a wardrobe full of feminine bits of silk and lace. This time round I wanted to show off my more glamorous side in lingerie, but do something a little bit different too. My favourite colours are black and pink. The black sets off my ivory skin and the pink complements my long dark hair really well, so when I picked the lingerie for this shoot, I went for my favourite colours, with a little bit of lace and some tie-side panties for a naughty touch. And I love the sexy fingerless gloves as well. I guess I’ve done quite a few of those sorts of shoots though now, and while I’ve always been thrilled with the results, I picked this little sailor girl outfit because I also wanted to show a different side to my personality this time around.’   Secrets: ‘And what side is that…?’ Harper: ‘My exciting, open minded and raunchy side! I want my pictures to tempt you into making me your wench tonight. I want to show that I love to dress up and have fun with what I wear. I want to show you how sexy it can be to just give yourself up to fantasy and indulge in some very grown up play time. I love to flirt outrageously, and the next natural step from that for me is a bit of sexy role play. I hope what these pictures show is that I’m up for a good time – I will be anything you want me to be and you are guaranteed an experience that’s out of the ordinary and every bit as thrilling and naughty as my outfit suggests I am. My lingerie shots show that I can be a real lady, but my pirate girl shots show I can also be anything but.’   Secrets: ‘That’s a great way of putting it – so you’re pretty versatile then?’ Harper: ‘Oh yes, definitely. I can be the discreet, ladylike and demure companion, or I can be the ultimate bad-girl seductress. I can even do both together! You can take me out for dinner and be assured of perfect behaviour and complete discretion – but only until we get back to your hotel room!’   If you’d like to be the Jack Sparrow to Harper’s Elizabeth Swann, just give Secrets a call on 0161 798 6769 to book an appointment – she’ll be ready and waiting!


Manchester escort Taylor is one of our newest additions at Secrets. This tall, slender yet shapely babe is a treat for all senses – but especially the eyes.The kind of girl you might ogle at Glastonbury, but would never have the nerve to approach, this super-sexy stunner is as comfortable rocking a pair of denim hotpants and a seductively sheer white blouse on a festival field as she is wowing the clientele of one of Manchester’s VIP bars in her sky high heels and designer dresses.The consummate companion for dinner and theatre dates, Taylor is the kind of girl who you’d be recommended to book on a one-to-one basis. In a sophisticated evening dress with matching heels, this golden haired and lightly bronzed goddess will make the perfect date for your evening out in Manchester tonight. A subtly beautiful courtesan who dresses to impress without raising the eyebrows of your friends and colleagues, Taylor still manages to stir the envy of every other guy in the room even though it’s your arm she adorns. Able to converse at every level, this warm, friendly young lady gets on with everyone she meets and she will charm you with her easy conversation, witty, intelligent banter and understated, yet captivating flirtations. This is the kind of escort you should see if you’re sharing a hotel with your boss and work colleagues – she won’t arouse the suspicions of anyone you know, but she will make sure they’re groaning with jealousy and desire when she leads you up to your room – after all, every guy has to get unbelievably lucky some time, right?  Likewise, if you’re looking for a girl who’s the ultimate discreet treat, and you’d rather revel in knowing that this is your very own Secret to keep, Taylor will arrive at your door as if by magic, and the only people who will ever know about that unforgettable night of passionate fun will be you and Taylor.Sexy, sensual and seductive, the one thing that Taylor does better than social mingling is stimulation and tingling. A girl who looks as good out of her clothes as she does in them, Taylor has a faultless body. Just the right height, with a perfectly proportioned bust (anything more than a handful is a waste guys!), cascading honey-blonde tresses, a sun kissed tan and the kind of hourglass shape you dreamed about as a teenage boy, Taylor is slender and statuesque, and 100% femininity personified. This gorgeous Manchester escort loves showing off her many, many assets in traditional lingerie, and confesses that the feeling of straps and stocking tops against her bare skin makes her feel intensely amorous and erotically charged.An affectionate and tactile escort, Taylor is most definitely a hands-on kind of girl, and a night spent with her will never end in just pleasant conversation – this Manchester escort has far more practical skills she’d like to demonstrate for you. Just be prepared to go all night, because her appetite is nothing short of insatiable.If you think you can match Taylor’s desire and enthusiasm, give Secrets a call on 0161 798 6769 to book a date that will linger in your memory indelibly.
Payton Is Brand New To Secrets

Payton Is Brand New To Secrets

Petite princess Payton is brand new to Secrets and already causing a storm with her long blonde hair, golden tan and big, long-lashed blue eyes. This little minx is as charming as she is beautiful, and when one of our clients described her as a ‘fallen angel’, we think he’s probably not far wrong.This innocent looking, yet badly behaved young temptress looks like a sweet, sugary treat, but she’s all spice and wickedness, and a night with her will leave you happy, exhausted and begging for more.We caught up with this mischievous little coquette for a chat to see if we can find out exactly what it is that makes her the perfect combination of naughty and nice.Secrets: ‘Well Payton, you’re already proving to be one of our most talked about escorts, and that’s after just one week!’Payton: ‘I’m absolutely loving it at Secrets! I adore getting dressed up, getting my heels, a pretty dress and my makeup on for a wild night out on the town – it’s one of my favourite things. I’ve met so many new faces this week, from other escorts at the agency to drivers, receptionists and of course all my new gentleman friends. I’m still finding my feet, but I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had – I love it!’Secrets: ‘And our guys just love you too – I think the amount of adoring phone calls we’ve had about you might be a new record!’Payton (blushing) ‘Awww, really? That’s lovely. I don’t think I’m doing anything unusual – I’m just being myself and having fun. I’ve always thought that if you’re having a good time, others will enjoy your company too, so I’m really pleased to hear that what works for me is also working for the guys I visit.’Secrets: ‘It does seem that you’re a bit of a natural. What’s your ideal date night?’Payton: ‘Oooooh, well I love to dance, and I always get a lot of attention when I do, so any date has to have dancing. It could be an old fashioned tea dance with cake and lemonade, or a full-on club night with designer clothes and Champagne – either way I’d be in my element! As long as I get to strut my stuff in something glamorous, I’m completely won over! I also love being wined and dined – there’s nothing more romantic than a guy who knows how to treat a lady, so a couple of cocktails followed by a delicious meal makes me starry eyed and very eager for more…’Secrets: ‘What type of cocktail is your favourite?’Payton: (giggles) ‘I adore Champagne cocktails. You could say I have expensive tastes! I enjoy a Bellini or a Kir Royale, or just a simple glass of Champagne or Prosecco. There’s something so decadent about sipping a glass of fizz. Plus a couple of glasses of fizz makes me feel even naughtier…’Secrets: (laughing) ‘Oh do tell us more!’Payton: ‘I think it just makes me feel that little bit more confident, that little bit wilder. I think it’s true what they say that a glass of bubbles makes you lose your inhibitions pretty quickly. Once that first sip passes my lips, it goes straight to my head – and my knickers!’Secrets: ‘I think we’d best stop there – I’m getting a girl crush!’If you’d like to treat Payton to something delicious, give Secrets a call on 0161 798 6769.
Manchester Escort Cassie

Manchester Escort Cassie - A Gorgeous Little Bundle Of Fun

Little cutie Cassie is a slender, petite brunette with natural beauty and a whole lot of va va voom! Cassie's a Manchester escort with style, grace and a discreetly cheeky sense ofhumour, this gorgeous little bundle of fun is available at least 2 nights a week for squiring around town or hiding away for some mutual pleasure in a secret hotel room.A close friend of one of our most popular party girl escorts, Billie, Cassie’s virtues (and her sins!) have been extolled many times over, and we’re thrilled to have such a stunning little lady to offer you for your special night in Manchester. If you’re one of those guys who’s had ‘that’ fantasy about entertaining a beautiful blonde and a sultry brunette together, then we’d highly recommend considering this duo for an unforgettable evening in the company of two very special ladies.By day, Cassie works in the beauty industry, making ladies look almost (but not quite) as fabulous as she does. As such, it goes without saying that Cassie loves to look good, and not only does she understand the importance of being stunning, she’s also perfected the art of being discreet and understated too, so you know that when Cassie arrives at your door, you have a beautifully packaged little treat who will raise your temperature, but won’t raise the eyebrows of your nosy neighbours!Dressed to the nines in an elegant, well-fitting dress that shows off her slender curves and pert bust, Cassie will most definitely stimulate your imagination – for after all a lady should only show just enough to be truly sexy. And clad in beautiful lingerie and a pair of high stiletto heels, Cassie is certainly that. Feminine, glamorous and stylish with long manicured nails and long, glossy dark hair sweeping her shoulders, Cassie also comes highly recommended for dinner dates, social events and public functions as not only does she look the part, she also knows how to be the perfect companion to impress your friends and colleagues without raising any suspicion that it’s anything other than a personal relationship.For our wilder party guys out there, you certainly won’t be disappointed if you book this slim, toned babe for a night out in Manchester that will leave you smiling for months to come. When you book Cassie, you’re getting the consummate VIP treatment: a sexy, hot-bodied brunette with all the fire and stamina to keep you both going until well after the lights go down. In fact, we reckon she’ll still be going when the lights come up again! Cassie loves to dance, and when she lets go, all eyes are on her – and on you too, because when you’re in Cassie’s company, you’ll be the envy of every other guy there. And imagine how jealous they’ll be as she takes your arm, looks into your eyes adoringly and leads you off for an even hotter and more physical experience in your hotel room.There’s only one way to make your stay in Manchester more special – and that’s calling Secrets to make a date. Call 0161 798 6769 to ask for Cassie now.
North West Escort Bianca - Maid For Fun

North West Escort Bianca - Maid For Fun

Gentleman, meet North West escort Bianca! This sexy and playful lady will give you a night full of pleasure and great company that you could only dream of.She loves dressing up in playful and sexy outfits, like the naughty maid outfit she has on here. If you love girls that dress up Bianca sure will please you!Bianca loves dinner dates and sitting down to really get to know each date by taking her time and talking with you about anything you want. One of the greatest things about sweet Bianca is that she drives herself to her dates and bookings, and will visit homes and hotels throughout the North West. Bianca will blow you away with some of the biggest boobs you will ever lay eyes on.If you’re a boob kind of guy, she is your girl. With a bust size of 30HH, Bianca packs a sexy siren punch! Her bust size is completely natural, no fake silicone in these bad boys! She is really easy to get along with and down to earth.You will always feel comfortable in her presence and if this is your first date, and you’re feeling a little nervous, Bianca will make you feel completely relaxed and guide you through the date the entire time. Bianca is one of the most playful ladies we have on our team, so if you like to get creative and have a sexy good time, she will be the best choice for you.Gentlemen, Bianca is ready to make you feel wonderful and show you how to have a good time. If you want to book a date with Bianca, give us a call and one of our friendly receptionist will get everything set up for you.All you need to do is sit back, relax, and have a great time!Call us tonight on 0161-798-6769  

Manchester Airport Escorts

So you're staying in one of the many hotels in or around the Manchester airport complex. You're looking for a reliable Manchester escort agency to help you organise some wonderful company while you're all alone. Hopefully we can help you! At Secrets Escorts we receive calls asking for requests like this every day. Our friendly reception team are there to help find the right lady for you. We've over 75 Manchester Escorts to choose from so there is always plenty of choice should your favourite lady be unavailable. So whether you like blondes, brunettes, slim ladies or ladies with a more curvaceous figure we’ll almost certainly be able to offer you a female escort that will make your stay in Manchester a memorable one. It’s always best to choose around 3-5 ladies when you call us, as not all our Manchester Airport Escorts work at the same time. We’ve lots of sexy ladies to choose from so come and see for yourself. All our ladies arrive at your hotel discreetly dressed and carry lots of naughty goodies with them. Manchester Airport Escorts direct to your hotel room within 40 minutes, now that’s not bad! The Future Is Looking Bright For Manchester Manchester airport handles 20 million passengers annually and spare capacity exists for up to 50 million passengers annually. Manchester Airport has a new £800 million development scheme which aims to create logistics, manufacturing, office and hotel space adjacent to the airport. There are also future transport improvements planned, including a new Metrolink tram line, fourth railway platform, High Speed 2 station and a dedicated relief road. The future is certainly looking bright for Manchester Airport. Secrets Escorts – 0161 798 6769