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Lily, 39

Lily, 39


Manchester and Liverpool ebony escort Lily is a tall, slender and leggy lovely with a unique presence and charm. Softly spoken, highly intelligent and extremely personable, this mature escort is the perfect company for gentlemen who love being in the presence of a real lady. With her slim figure and natural looks, Lily is often mistaken for someone much younger, and her sense of fun and easy laughter are undoubtedly what keeps this sexy lady girlish at heart. A feminine and fashionable escort, Lily always dresses to impress with nails and hair perfect, and as such she looks sophisticated and stylish whatever the event.

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Lily says,

"I’m a dark femme fatale with designs on you tonight. Book me for an hour or more and you’ll never want to leave my side. I’m a mysterious and exotic mixture of sensuality and fun, and your time with me will be absolutely unforgettable. I always make sure that I look 100% appropriate for the occasion and my style is fashionable yet sexy. From the moment I walk through your door, to my fingers twining around yours as I draw you in with my sultry gaze, to the moment I show you exactly what you’ve been missing, you’ll be captivated by me. Call me now if you're in Manchester or Liverpool tonight!"

Lily's Reviews

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5 out of 5 overall rating

13 review(s)

I booked this witty sensual passionate creature as a rare treat for decision I’ve made this century....funny, relaxed, entertaining, unadulterated debauchery even 2 hours isn’t time enough to enjoy the fruits and loins of this rare diamond of a lady. Amazing Lily. Thanks xx

Hours:1 hour

Awesome time , loved it , sexy


I managed to see Lily twice in the space of a week while travelling through Manchester. She was a lovely as ever. Both times we grabbed a drink in the bar of my hotel. What a treat! I shall spare Lily's blushes and not go into details of our time together but shall just say that she is warm, passionate, intelligent, and a lot more. I only wished I lived nearer, or worked in Manchester more frequently so I could see her more often.

Time:4.15 am
Hours:2 hours

2 hours and cheerfully aside the sun rising and reality developing abducted this fine female human specimen until the planet did another full spin xx I’m high maintenance part female so In touch with my feminine side I’ve considered proposing to her lol , lm convinced this wasn’t the first time that’s not suggesting she wasn’t memorable just wild night haha but he’ll fire she more than took another cherry off my bunch and yes she’s physically stunning but her kiss smile lustrous passion is of felt the same with a size 8 planitery curvy girl I’m still rambling tingling Lilly thank you for blessing me and definitely are tracks will cross paths again I want that collision all over haha x

Time:8 hours
Hours:Over night

Over the last 10 years I have used only secrets hundreds of times. Great company, great girls. Lilly is by far the best 10/10.. Maybe to good if that’s possible  Size 6 not a size 10.. Amazing body and personality to match .. Look at the later pictures showing her body, not the new ones. 100% recommended.. Thank you secrets..

Terry Wirral

Stunning, sexy, beautiful but besides all the fortunate physical appearance you will be lucky to see, it's her personality that will win you over and in minutes. Put anyone at ease. Kind, professional and if it's just general company you need she's lovely. If it's more then prepare yourself. You will reach hights you never thought were possible. Simply stunning in both personality and well...the other bit. Treat her right guys.. Impossible not to respect such is genuine girl. True in every way. Thank you Lily.


An absolutely amazing date with Lily. Booked an hour but after a while realised I wanted more of this gorgeous creature, so extended to two. I'd say I would have wanted more but I'm not sure my heart would have lasted! Lily has a great figure, but most of all it's her personality that will melt you, gentle, tender and passionate. I must try and engineer some more visits to Manchester! Thank you Lily.


Simply the nicest amazing escort you could have. I have the up most respect for her. Dates entetered are a guess. She will blow your mind. For weird guys that only care about body than she has has it. For nice guys that want to treat a girl nice, she deserves to have it all. Please treat her nice and pay her well. Nice is the priority. She cares x

Hours:1 hour

Not to be missed. really good looking, great personality and easy to get on with and dynamite company, got a smart firm body and she really goes for it with plenty of energy. Classy and sexy, certainly put a smile on my face.

Hours:2 hours

I had an amazing time with Lily, fabulous girl, I've never seen a better escort. I could have died a happy man after meeting her. Thanks, Lily. Love Kenneth.

Hours:2 hours

Lily is an absolute delight. When you meet her, she is easy to talk to, open and relaxed – in contrast to your typical younger escort, who tends to be somewhat detached and clinical. Lily has a gorgeous body and certainly knows how to use it. The rest, I will leave to your imagination. Let it run wild…


I had seen Lily once before, for 2 hours which I had hoped could have been more hence I wanted to see her for longer. She makes you feel instantly at ease with her, what a mind blowing experience, she was fantastic and very energetic, she makes you feel like you're very special, and well worth an overnighter.

Hours:1 hour

Late booking and felt like some company. As with all ladies who work for secrets not seen that many but all 100% class. Lily is no different. Great personality and lovely to be with. An amazing figure and just perfect for men who likes a slimmer lady. No description of what went on between us but one of the best times with an escort and will see her again.

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