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Slim and busty blonde North West escort Demi allows herself a little afternoon fun with the mattress delivery man...

Demi was restless. She had taken the day off work and was waiting on the delivery of a new king-size mattress and bed but the delivery man was running late. The day was hot and sultry, so she decided to put on her bikini and lay outside in the garden where she might still hear the doorbell.

She had no sooner changed than the doorbell rang. Tying a filmy sarong around her large, firm cleavage, Demi answered the door. A very good looking man stood there. Introducing himself as Aiden, Demi licked her lips as this tall man, perhaps about forty years old, leaned casually against the doorframe. Clad in combat shorts and a singlet, Demi could clearly see that he was very fit – the usual beer gut was nowhere to be seen on this fine specimen of manhood.

 “Sorry I’m late … where do you want it?” asked Aiden, cocking one eyebrow in a manner that was suggestive of more than just mattress logistics.

Demi giggled, blooming with the attention. Being a MILF with a very slender, shapely figure and sporting a firm peach of a backside, she was no stranger to admiring glances, and even the odd cheeky bum squeeze.

“Oh, you mean the bed” she smirked, playing along, her thoughts already spiralling beyond getting the new bed in place. She showed him to her bedroom and hovered as Aiden spent the next half-hour moving in the bed base, mattress and assembling it all, while she allowed words like ‘screwing’, ‘hammering’ and ‘pounding’ to float deliciously on the peripheries of her thoughts. 

 “All done” said Aiden, interrupting her mucky fantasies. “In fact I’m finished for the day” he grinned.

“Thanks so much” Demi gushed, “You must really be feeling the heat by now”, she added, fanning her body seductively with the loose sarong, allowing Aiden generous glimpses of her bikini-clad body in the process. “Perhaps you would appreciate a cold beer?”

“Well I certainly wouldn’t mind getting a mouthful.” Aiden replied huskily, eyes fixed on Demi’s increasingly heaving bosom. Grinning boldly, Demi led her willing victim downstairs to the kitchen and pulled two beers from the fridge, flicking the tops off expertly before handing one over and running her own bottle between her generous, enhanced boobs, watching Aiden’s mouth drop as the condensation dampened her golden-tanned skin.

“Let’s go outside” she invited, allowing her sarong to drop on the decking, finally giving Aiden a full-on view of her fine rear as she swayed down the steps towards the lawn. Stretching out on her towel, she arranged herself prettily on her knees, opening her legs just a little too wide and pushing her breasts together so that her cleavage pushed up and out of their gold cups oh-so-temptingly. She took a sip from the bottle and giggled as the foam spilled over her lips. Seeing the impressive bulge in Aiden’s crotch, Demi took pity on the poor guy and succumbed to her own wicked thoughts, beckoning him over with the tip of one long, red nail. “Come here big boy” she smirked.

Our VIP mature blonde escort Demi is available for afternoon outcalls in Manchester and across the North West, whether at your hotel or at your home address. Demi covers the Liverpool, Cheshire, Chester, Warrington, Wigan, Preston, Lancashire, South West Yorkshire and Leeds areas. This Manchester based MILF escort has an incredible size 6-8 body and large, enhanced bust, meaning that Demi’s always in demand, so call and book early if you don’t want to lose out.

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