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Just over a week ago, there was a lot of talk about the possibility of a series of short 'circuit-breaker' lockdowns being imposed across the UK. It was proposed that this series of lockdowns would take place over the winter, between Autumn and March, with the intention of interrupting escalating numbers of covid infections. Rather than imposing a mini-lockdown however, the government decided to implement a curfew across England, shutting pubs, bars and restaurants between the hours of 10pm and 5am. A massive blow to the hospitality industry which is still reeling from the effects of the 3 month lockdown that was imposed in March this year. The justification behind the curfew was that people who drink late into the night are less likely to socially distance as they get drunker, hence curbing public drinking during night hours. However, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has called for a review of the curfew measures, claiming they just aren’t working and they’re actually causing more harm than good. A bit of a catastrophe for publicans and restauranteurs, but not total annihilation - after all they can still open during daylight hours...  

At least, that's how they were sold it. However, it's been reported today that discussions about a mini lockdown are once again underway. That's right - a complete shut-down of pubs, bars and restaurants for two weeks. And if that isn't bad enough, a total ban on household mixing is also being suggested further to the current restrictions in Greater Manchester which already prohibit households mixing in homes and gardens. Ministers were quick to add that there isn't a North/ South divide however, as the same lockdown could be imposed on London too. The emergency plans have reportedly been drawn up after local restrictions imposed on hotspots across much of the north - including Greater Manchester - and parts of the Midlands failed to reverse the surge in infections. With every borough in Greater Manchester currently on the government's 'Red Alert' list and the infection rate in Bolton being among the highest in the country, it looks increasingly likely that a circuit-breaker lockdown will be imposed in the coming weeks.

Keep posted for further updates regarding the lockdown restrictions across the North West region. 

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