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Every good Brit knows the story of Easter – in short JC is born in December,  a crucifixion later and by later March/ early April we’re having him resurrected. That’s the religious version. What’s often less understood is how the more common symbols of Easter, like bunnies, eggs and a veritable megathon of chocolatey goodness came to be involved. Actually the Easter Bunny/ Rabbit/ Hare originates from German Lutherans and is in fact a bit like a furry springtime Father Christmas, taking the role of judge over the little children, deciding whether they’ve been good or naughty and depositing sweet candy ‘Easter Eggs’ from his basket at the bedsides of those children who’ve been deemed deserving on the night before the holidays.  

So, not much relevance to JC and the biblical tale then? Well you’d be wrong as the hare was widely believed in ancient times to be a hermaphrodite, and this ability to reproduce without the loss of virginity is an uncanny echo of the Virgin Mary. Rabbits and hares are also symbols of fertility as the females of the species give birth to large litters, often conceiving again before the first litter is even birthed, hence the saying ‘breeding or bonking like rabbits’. Eggs are also a symbol of rebirth and new life, making them the perfect representation of springtime and again echoing JC’s resurrection and new life.  

Chocolate though? Maybe it’s down to that German Lutheran Easter Hare dropping his candies on pillows or maybe it’s that the velvet silkiness of chocolate is intended to make us briefly grateful for JC’s sacrifice, or perhaps it’s just the easiest way to keep the kids quiet during a two week school holiday. But honestly, when it comes to confectionary, who cares? The more the better.

Whatever you’re up to this Easter, we hope you gorge on chocolate and enjoy these lighter nights. For those of you who haven’t been good, don’t worry – the Easter Hare may not be dropping the contents of his basket on your pillow, but Secrets Escorts Manchester is here to reward even the naughtiest boys.

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