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Beautiful Babe Sienna - A party girl escort in Manchester

Hi guys and say a big, sunny hello to a little taste of the Greek islands, Sienna. Very young, very sexy, and very hard to tame, beautiful babe Sienna is Secrets’ answer to Aphrodite and she’s one hell of an addition to our already very impressive portfolio.

Sienna hails from a stunning part of the world, and she brings with her a little bit of that natural beauty all wrapped up in those feline features and that trim, tight body.

Having travelled extensively before settling in the UK in her late teens, Sienna is certainly worldly wise and speaks excellent English, albeit with a very sexy accent. In the UK, Sienna finally feels like she’s found her true home and she loves the neon lights, wild city life and party girl antics of being a Manchester escort. There’s nothing quite like letting your hair down when you’re out on the town, and Sienna does that in style. 

A party girl escort in Manchester who just loves to let loose and go wild, Sienna is the perfect choice for tonight’s fun. Outrageous and bold, chic yet sexy and so very, very pretty, Sienna is always the centre of attention when she’s out on the town. Dressed to impress in a tight little frock that still manages to leave so much to the imagination, she’ll sparkle and glitter on your arm like the little diamond she is.  

Cute, chatty and confident, our ‘adopted’ Manchester minx may be young but she’s got an intelligent, ambitious head on those slender, golden shoulders and she makes an interesting and amusing dinner date for those of you who prefer the quiet intimacy of a delicious dinner for two. Take this little hottie to any fine dining restaurant in Manchester and she will be the ultimate feminine companion – beautifully presented, seductive, flirtatious, yet very discreet. We promise she won’t break any plates afterwards too! Take your time to sip a few cocktails with this treasure at your side and you’ll be utterly charmed by her company, not to mention the envy of every man (and woman) present...

Oh, didn’t we mention that Sienna loves the company of ladies as much as men? As open minded as she is gorgeous, Sienna doesn’t just limit her attentions to her male fans – she’s more than happy to spread the love amongst the ladies too. Maybe you’re in town on business tonight and you feel like spoiling yourself with not one but two hot babes – all you need to do is give us a call and ask for Sienna and one of her best friends to join you for a show that will leave you reeling. Or perhaps you and your lady are visiting Manchester and want to explore new experiences this evening? Sienna would be delighted to come and entertain you both, leaving you with memories that will keep you smiling for months to come. Whatever your needs and desires tonight, there really is only one girl you need to call for an unforgettable night: Sienna. Call 0161 798 6769 now.

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