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We live in strange times do we not? First Trump moved into The White House – and let’s face it, none of us really saw THAT eventuality as being remotely plausible (apart from the Simpsons writers). Now zip-lining former journalist and falsifier of quotations Boris Johnson has won the Tory leadership contest to be elected as Britain’s new PM. What with the possibility of a no-deal Brexit dangling like a cliff-hanger in a dystopian novel, and two remarkably similar hairstyles gracing the helms of two of the biggest leadership positions in the world, things are feeling a bit, well… weird.

Hairstyles aside, in many respects the ascension of the UK’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson closely mirrors that of Donald Trump – two colourful characters with chequered pasts who elevated themselves into the political consciousness from largely non-political beginnings. Both leaders have been besmirched by accusations of scandal and chaos and yet both have passed through those stormy waters relatively unscathed. Perhaps it’s a personality thing – Boris Johnson, who we’ll affectionally nickname BJ, certainly has the ‘likeable, witty, British toff-buffoon’ thing nailed. And he’s been on Have I Got News For You, which many of us Brits find really quite compelling. Over the pond, Donald Trump’s gobshitey lack of diplomacy and often-reckless maladroitness endeared him to the gun-toting Republican American electorate long before he stood for office, but given that the economy is doing rather well since his election, most of POTUS’s faux pas seem to pass with little more than a roll of the eyes and a sigh of acceptance these days. So, what the UK and the USA seem to have in common are that we don’t actually mind imbeciles running the world – as long as the imbeciles bring entertainment value and get shit done.  

In his speech to the Conservative Party today, BJ seems bumblingly keen to ‘work flat out’ and claims to be undaunted by the task ahead. He promises to fulfil the mantra of the previous campaign: ‘deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn’. Our new PM even pointed out the rather melancholy foregone conclusion implied by the acronym D.U.D and in true Boris/ Donald-style added an ‘E’ for ‘Energise’ and vowed that: ‘Dude, we are going to energise the country’ (see – entertaining).

So what happens next? Well our new PM BJ, moves into Number 10 and officially assumes duties as Prime Minister on Wednesday. It’s probably fair to say that when BJ takes up the mantle, the theme of leadership may well be ‘expect the unexpected’ as this is not a man known for his stability, predictability and sang-froid. Boris is going to have to adopt a new approach if he wants to get the British public in his corner and get the aforementioned shit done. He’ll need to ditch the unpredictability factor, take initiative and do what Theresa May couldn’t – deliver.  What is for certain is that there’s going to be some hard graft ahead, not least in answering questions about that niggling little cliff-hanger.  

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