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Now, we aren't using the term WAG here in relation to those privileged few ladies who count footballers as husbands, we're referring to it literally as the acronym 'wives and girlfriends' - of anyone. Some guys simply prefer the company of escorts - after all it's easy, it's commitment-free and (some guys tell us) it's also cheaper! However, there are also many guys who still prefer the company of a significant other - a partner in crime who's there for more than just money. Which do you prefer and why? Or are you the kind of guy who wants both...?


In this day and age, there is very little time available to everyone to indulge in something substantial. The technological wave has made things easier for all of us but it's also made us more prone to distraction. A recent study suggested that the use of smartphones and computer screens coupled with the rapidness of social media have reduced our attention spans considerably.

Even in this post lockdown climate, men and women today have less time for long term commitment. The sheer availability of quick, satisfying couplings have, for many, replaced the need for more stable relationships. Is this why dating and hook-up apps are so popular or are people simply changing their habits in accordance with what's freely available? With so many stunning women looking for fun on a short term basis, it's not surprising that men are more desirous than ever of a few moments of ecstatic pleasure compared with the effort and work that a regular and long term relationship scenario brings.

Are we becoming more shut down and selfish as a result of digital advances? Are we simply becoming emotionally unavailable and unwilling to make the effort to form emotional attachments in terms of relationships.


Short term fun is arguably much more exciting and rewarding than long term commitment. You don’t need to adjust your behaviour to accommodate your partner’s reservations. You simply need to decide what your common interests are and what each of you will be getting out of it. As long as the people involved know exactly where they stand with each other, short term fun remains an extremely rewarding experience.

Stringless fun is based on the immediate needs of the individuals involved. Neither of them need to concern themselves with what emotional upheaval the other one is going through; this is exactly what people today are looking for.

In the realm of short term fun, one can have as many concurrent arrangements as possible. This is because short term fun is not a relationship. It is simply an agreement between two individuals to share moments of pleasure and comfort without compromising anything or anyone. Everything that goes on between the two individuals remains a private and discreet matter.

This works extremely well for today’s generation which is more independent and adventurous than most of the previous generations. Whether they are breaking new ground or simply emotionally unavailable, people of today are independent and like to make their own choices and mistakes.


The idea of long term commitment has started to sound very boring and old school. It has lost the charm that it once possibly had. Everything including love and relationships is quick to start and end these days. Nobody wants to take the responsibility and burden of a family and partner. Everyone just wants to enjoy their own life on their own terms.

With so much variety on offer, long term commitment is less and less appealing. People actually fear sharing their life with someone so much so that they have become turned off from the concept of relationships. And why not? With short term fun available with just a tap of your phone screen, it's understandable that so few people want to 'settle' when the next best thing is just an app away. There's always someone prettier, cheaper and more open minded, and with so much availability the grass just keeps getting greener.


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