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Recently I decided to watch Sex and the City again, right the way through from the beginning. I love that show – it’s got the lot: incredible fashion, hot guys, hot women, sex, booze and filthy language. During my marathon, there occurred an interesting situation where Carrie (the SATC Carrie – not me) was unwittingly paid $1000 for a date with a sexy French guy. I say unwittingly because Carrie thought she was on a legitimate date; Mr French however thought it was an encounter of the paid kind. They had a great time, ending up back in his hotel room and in the morning, Mr French told Carrie he’d like to see her again. He didn’t give her his number, but he did leave her with an envelope containing, not his digits, but – you guessed it - $1000 in cash. Having thought this might be a future Mr Carrie, Ms Bradshaw was left feeling shocked, confused and a bit insulted – but it didn’t stop her from spending the $1000.

Over a Champagne lunch (well she did just get paid $1000), Carrie and friends all take a different moral stance on what happened. Charlotte (the prim one) thought it was abhorrent; Miranda (the try-hard one) thought it was quid-pro-quo and Samantha (the filthy one) thought it was fantastic. After a great deal of internal discussion with herself, Carrie decides that future ‘dates’ of the same ilk are beneath her morality. She spent the $1000 though.

In this business you hear a lot about the questionable ‘morals’ and ‘ethics’ of escorts, usually from smug married women who deign to throw the hubby a half-arsed seeing-to to nail down the car/ holiday/ kitchen of her dreams. But GOD, they couldn't be an escort! Just couldn't. The very same women whose husbands are, unbeknown to them, not working late at all, but are in fact frequently cosied up with – you guessed it again – escorts. With our experience, take it from us that it’s highly likely you don’t know your man as well as you think you do. I guess it comes down to personal choice whether you feel that escorting is a job that you could or couldn’t do, but it’s wrong to cast aspersions on those who choose to offer escort services, especially when there’s a possibility that you’re throwing a stone in your glass house. 

When it comes to being paid for company, Samantha had it right – escorting and paid companionship is honest. It's simply an exchange of power where both the man and the woman get what they want out of the arrangement.


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