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" So I normally get into the studio early. The first shoots start around 12pm but I need to sort my sets out, change the backdrops and make sure the cameras and lights are all working ok. I also need to do a quick check around the girls’ changing room because you’d be amazed at what gets left behind. I swear, these girls will get me going something rotten in front of the camera, and then they’ll accidentally on purpose leave a pair of knickers, or a bra, or some other token ‘gift’ to give me flashbacks. See? A thong. Thanks Daisy.

We’ve got a full-on day today with photos and videos to do and Olivia’s due in first. I love shooting Olivia – she always comes well prepared and she moves really well. She’s also really hot. Olivia dresses in strappy PVC that isn’t leaving much to my imagination and after 30 minutes of her posing, twisting and bending over I’m psyched with the images I’ve got so far but driven to distraction by the sight of that leather look stuff stretched over her butt. And I’ve got a duo shoot booked in next!

Jamie and Amy arrive. Talk about one’s trouble and two’s a party – these girls are just wild. They’ve also come wearing matching underwear, which makes me think about nipping off to the loo for 10 minutes first, but hey – I’m a professional - let’s get this started. God, these girls look good. Always thought of myself as a curves man, but damn Amy looks mint in that  skirt. This is one hot shoot – these two are so into each other… 

Hey, hey hey – welcome Petra. Now here’s one pretty girl with a pout like a penthouse centrefold. A little shy, but everyone is first time in front of my lens. I’ll put some music on and try and get her to loosen up a bit. Wow – stunning figure, and is it me or is it really hot in here…? Loving this girl – not only is she gorgeous to look at, she takes direction well and a total sweetheart with it. Whoever you are tonight to get the first booking with this total fox, you’ve got a good one here so be good to her.

Long day today but not finished yet. Got to get these photos tidied up and on the website quick smart but damn some of these pics are the bomb. Focus! Hope you like these fellas – I know I do,  Got Megan to look forward to tomorrow."