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We're looking for Manchester's best escorts this spring! If you're hot with a cracking body, you've got a fun, open-minded personality and you want to earn great money for a minimum 2 night per week commitment, Secrets is the agency for you!

Secrets Directory Manchester represents a huge range of escorts at our exclusive North West agency. Do you have a great personality, reliability and stunning looks? Are you female aged 18+? Then we might be the right fit.


Some of our elite female escorts work make so much money working 2 - 4 nights per week that they don’t need another job. Other Manchester escort companions have day jobs and careers and choose to work a couple of nights a week to supplement their incomes. Increasingly, we are also approached by students or post-graduates who want to pay their way through university or pay off student loans, and escorting provides the perfect means of doing just that. Whatever your reason for wanting to earn the best escort rates in Manchester, we have the means to help you achieve your financial goals. All we ask for is a minimum 2 night per week commitment and a willingness to entertain our VIP clients to the best of your ability.


These days most students leave university with massive student loans. Ok, it doesn’t have to be repaid until you start earning a certain amount, but starting your working life with thousands of pounds worth of debt is still one hell of a pressure, especially when you’re beginning a career at entry level and your earnings are below those of everyone else. When you’ve just left uni it can seem as though simple aspirations like getting on the property ladder, buying a car and even going on an annual holiday are way off, especially when you’ve got the weight of a student loan round your neck.


Becoming an escort while you’re working your way through uni is for many the ideal way of striking a balance between studying and earning. In university cities like Manchester and Salford, even bar jobs can be hard to come by and at minimum wage, it’s completely understandable that some students find the thought of grafting in their spare time for peanuts really disheartening. Escort work for students provides flexible, self-employed work and top rates of pay to support student life and/ or pay off student loans, so it’s no surprise that so many students apply for escort jobs – it’s the ideal way of earning money and having fun. 


At Secrets we welcome students and understand that working as an escort comes second to your studies. We offer flexible working hours and, being self-employed, you can take as much leave as you need during exams and times of pressure to focus on your uni work. Many of our student and post-graduate escorts easily work 2 nights per week around lectures, seminars and dissertations, earning enough money to support themselves and put money away to eventually pay off their student loans once they’ve graduated. As well as earning good money, you’ll also be meeting other girls of your own age and having a bloody good time while you’re at it.


Applying to be an escort is really easy. Just fill out the ‘join us’ page of our website and attach 3 clear, recent photos (no filters please!) and click ‘send’. Alternatively, send over your pics along with your name and age to 07706 165 610 by MMS or WhatsApp. Once the details of your application have been reviewed, you’ll be invited for an interview and you can start escort work in Manchester straight away. No more money worries and you can leave uni with the peace of mind that your debts are paid!

0161 798 6769