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Secrets is hiring! Once again Manchester’s best escort agency is looking for prospective companions to join our portfolio of exclusive escorts in Manchester. Our escort agency isn’t just the most fun, it’s also the busiest. If top escort earnings are a priority for you and you want to pay the lowest escort agency fees in Manchester, Secrets Escorts is the only agency to consider. Maybe you need to earn a lot of money quickly, or perhaps you just have a high standard of living to maintain long term. Whatever your earning expectations, Secrets Escort Agency can help you to achieve your goals - and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it!


Our escorts can easily earn 1K per night working as independent paid companions in Manchester and the North West - that’s with all your fees paid. We ask for a minimum of 2 nights from you, so that’s potentially 2K per week in your pocket for working 2 nights. However - that’s all dependent on how good an escort you are, how available you are and how much clients enjoy your company. Your earnings aren’t capped, so top escorts can earn far more than this - the sky is literally the limit when it comes to earning big money as an escort. So how do you get to be a top escort?


Our top escorts have it all - a fantastic image, a great personality and professionalism. If you’ve got all of these qualities, you have the makings of a top earning escort.

  • Appearance - this has to be spot on. You don’t have to be model-standard but your image should be high-maintenance, very well-presented and glamorous. Your nails and toenails are always done, your hair is clean and styled well, your personal hygiene is exceptional, your dress sense is sexy and feminine and you maintain all of this from client to client with a well-stocked kit bag and a big, clean, minty-fresh smile.

  • Great Personality - looks will only get you so far in this job! You might be a cover girl to look at but if you have the personality of a limp dishcloth, clients won’t be impressed and they won’t be booking you again. As a top escort, you’ll have conversations with different types of people in different situations, from bantering with young party boys in Manchester bars to holding your own with a client’s work colleagues while you pretend to be his Mrs at a conference event in Cheshire. You need to be open-minded and able to have a laugh as well as being sexy as hell. This job is for confident, warm and friendly girls - the flirts, the party animals and the night owls, so if you’re able to enjoy yourself and make sure your client enjoys his time with you, escorting might be the perfect choice.

  • Professionalism - escorting is still work, and although you’re working as an independent escort, you’re representing the standards of the company in respect of your own availability, presentation and the services you provide. We can promote you and introduce you to VIP clients but you have to do the work - nothing in life comes for free. When you come to work as an escort, we want you to have fun but also be mindful that a paying client’s enjoyment of the booking comes before your own. If you’re got a head-screwed-on approach to work, you can reliably commit to 2 x 12 hour nights per week minimum (24 hours per week) and you love giving a great service to every client who books you, we’d love you to apply.


Other escorts agencies will promise you the world - 100% flexibility in working hours, expensive hourly rates and clients that look like Chris Hemsworth. We’re much happier being honest with our girls.

There’s no such thing as 100% flexibility if you want to earn good money - clients pay you, not the other way around so if you want to catch the VIP clients and earn the big bucks, you’re going to have to show up and put in the hours - like we said, nothing comes for free. However we only ask you for 2 nights per week and you can earn the equivalent of a very good monthly wage over just those two nights. Not bloody bad!

At Secrets we’re also priced to be busy. Yes, we’re cheaper than other agencies but that’s because we don’t want you sitting on your backside when you could be having fun and making money doing it - our reasonable rates keep the phones ringing and our girls earning a LOT of money. It’s also worth bearing in mind that we charge roughly HALF the fees of other Manchester agencies, so even though the rates of other agencies are higher you’re still going to come out with the same amount (or more) per hour with us AND you’ll get more hours and more money - it’s basic maths.

As to Chris Hemsworth, we can all dream… Yes, some of our clients are apparently pretty fit, but fit lads have women throwing themselves at them for free, so if you come across a Chris Hemsworth lookalike at work do let us know so we can all get to see him.


When you work with Secrets you get all the benefits of working independently without any of the hassle. Our escorts get access to VIP clients with thousands of pounds per night to spend, free photo shoots with a published female fashion photographer, an all-female admin staff working on top-of-the-range systems looking after your safety and welfare right the way through each shift you work and - best of all - the cheapest agency fees in Manchester.

So tell us this - do you want to work with an agency that’s fair and honest with an outstanding safety record that wants you to reach your financial potential or do you want to work with an agency that promises something for nothing, overcharges and shuts it’s phones down just when it’s getting busy? We’ll let you decide.


Applications for escorts in Manchester are open, so if you like what you see, you think you fit the criteria and you’d love to be a Secrets girl, why not pop over a few photos (recent and unfiltered please!) and some details to get the ball rolling? Once you’ve applied we’ll be in touch to arrange a no-obligation, face-to-face chat and you could be working as quickly as tonight (yes, we are that efficient). We’ll need a few things from you to get you started:

Photo ID - passport, driving license or citizenship card


Address ID visibly dated in the last 3 months

If you’re not a UK national we’ll also need to verify that you’re able to work in the UK legally, so you’ll need to present proof of settled status/ indefinite leave to remain or a working visa that proves your eligibility to work here.


We can have you out to work within an hour of your interview, so why not get started? You could be earning as easy as 123!


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