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Secrets escort Jade drives a guy mad when she does her first ever lap dance... But the fun doesn't end there…

I had chosen my ensemble very carefully for my first dance, taking time to choose just the right revealing little outfit. I’ve been told what these guys like, and the more I show off my tanned, toned, tiny body and pert, youthful boobs, the better.

He comes in and sits down in the chair as he has been instructed to do. He takes off his grey suit jacket, casually slinging it over the back of the chair, loosening his tie and opening the neck of his crisp white cotton shirt. He then places his hands on the arms of the chair remembering the rule: No Touching The Dancer.

The music starts as I enter the room dressed in a black fishnet bra and matching skirt with cute little satin trimmings that barely covers my black lace thong. My bra is beyond revealing, showing off small, high, uptilted globes which push up and out invitingly so that my pink nipples are clearly visible beneath the skimpy netting and my 4 inch stilettos show off my slender golden legs, shimmery with oil.

Moving my body in waves, gyrating my hips seductively, I move towards him, our eyes locked. Slowly, I sink to my knees in front of him, leaning forward to give him a good view of my barely covered breasts. His reaction is instant and I feel suddenly more confident and powerful seeing the tell-tale rise in his grey pants. Licking my lips slowly, I glance down deliberately at his swollen crotch and then back again into his lust filled eyes. Crawling forward, I turn on my knees so that my back is now towards him and my hair falls slightly into his lap. I let my head fall backwards so that he is looking down at me from above, smelling my heady perfume in the air, pushing out my perfect young breasts so he gets a generous view.

The music changes tempo slightly, a little faster now, and I fall forward onto my hands and knees, knowing that his stare will be entirely focused on my pert, round little ass cheeks and my silky gusset. I scratch my long glittery nails over my backside and push down further on my knees, spreading my legs even wider, turning my head so he can see me biting my lip as my bum gyrates to the music.

The beat is pounding now, the rhythm taking hold of me as I start to strip for the main course. First my bra hits the floor, and I run my fingertips lightly over the tender flesh of my cleavage, unable to stop myself from lingering over my hardened nipples. I’m left in my tiny little fishnet skirt, the silk of my thong tantalisingly visible beneath. Sashaying ever closer, I shimmy out of the barely-there pelmet so that I am left in just my thong and sky high heels, heart pounding along to the music, cheeks flushed with the sensuality of my dance. I lean further into him, my legs astride his, almost sitting over his lap, almost touching him but not, massaging my boobs and nipples for his pleasure as I oh-so-gently let my cleavage and my long blonde hair caress his face. I can feel him aching to touch me, lick me – anything, and I pull away with a giggle, hearing him moan in frustration.

Moving back, I straddle one of his legs and move to the music, gyrating on his thigh in a way that makes him bite his bottom lip in frustration, desperate to reach out and feel me instead of the velvet of the chair under his hands. I’m unbelievably horny with the power, feeling my own sweetness dampening my tiny thong as I mock-ride his thigh.

Now it’s time to cause a melt-down. Falling to my knees in front of him, I lay back and spread my legs, exposing my silk covered crotch. His knuckles are white and his nails grip the arm of the chair as he watches me lose myself in it all, pinching my nipples as I give myself up to the relentless beat.

Covered in beads of moisture, I get up from the floor and approach the man in the chair. I could feel the heat and smell the combined scent of his aftershave and my perfume mingling in the tiny room. I lean into him and with one hand slip the wet thong from my hips. Then spreading my legs apart, I swing the material from one fingernail. I take the damp scrap of fabric and drape it over his crotch like a ribbon.

He must have thought I was finished, but as he closes his eyes as if to regain his composure, I sit down in his lap, leaning back and undulating my naked body against his clothed form. Turning, I straddle him in the chair, gyrating my backside over his swollen groin. Leaning in, I whisper “Now what do you want to do with me?” Feeling his manhood twitch under my nakedness, I smile, knowing that the music may have stopped but this private dance has only just begun...


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