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Warrington, a Cheshire town bordering Manchester and Liverpool is well known for many reasons, not least its impressive collection of roundabouts and, of course, the UK’s first ever IKEA. I’m sure many of us share many a childhood memory of afternoons in the late 80’s spent hammering down the M62 to be dragged sulkily around IKEA’s epically large showroom while mums filled their bags with the obligatory pillow cases that didn’t fit, wine glasses (£1!) and collapsible storage boxes before being manhandled to the restaurant where we would finally be treated to the star of the show – meatballs. Fun times.


Scandinavian flatpack furniture (and meatballs) aside, did you know that Warrington is actually well known for more reasons than its Billy bookcases? Warrington, and specifically Burtonwood was home to our American friends during WW2 and was known as the largest military airfield outside of the US. Pretty cool huh?


 Warrington was also the first town to have a paid-for library. Way back when, people had to pay to use a local library but Warrington Central Library changed all that and is thought to be the first library in the country to introduce a system where libraries were tax-supported. And did you know that author Lewis Carroll of ‘Alice In Wonderland’ fame was also a Warringtonian? Clearly Warrington is a proud home to literary and bookish types!

Fans of sport love Warrington as its rugby and football teams are pretty damn impressive. If you’re into rugby league, then Warrington are the team to beat as their team has literally never been relegated. In fact the Warrington Wolves are the only team to have played at the top of their division every season. Footie fans won’t be disappointed either as non-league club Warrington Town played a blinder back in 2014 when they won an FA Cup tie against Exeter City, ranked at a remarkable 100 places above them. Who had odds on that one then?

And did you know that Warrington also featured briefly in Disney film ‘Evermoor’? Well ok, it was filmed inside a Warrington warehouse (and Warrington has plenty of those), so you don’t see anything of the town – but still – Warrington’s been in the movies! Amazeballs!


Nor is Warrington as ‘new’ as most people think. You’d be forgiven that roundabout land only really took its place on the map fairly recently with the New Towns Act in 1946, but in fact Warrington sits on a much older and significant site that has its history in the Bronze Age as well as evidence of Roman occupation. Not so new at all then!


In the present day, Warrington is still a mecca for visitors with its huge retail parks and thriving town centre. With such close proximity to Manchester Airport, Manchester city centre, Liverpool and Chester, and excellent motorway links from the M56 and M62 into the town, Warrington just keeps on drawing every type of traveller. The ideal spot in Cheshire from which to explore the North West, Warrington also has a range of hotels to suit every budget and weary head. For hotels in Warrington, click here.


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