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When you're booking an escort online or over the phone it stands to reason that you want to have a prior idea of what the escort looks like before you commit to an outcall appointment. Escort agency websites are there for just that reason. Not only can you get some information about the company, how they operate and how you make a booking, but you can also find out about each of the escorts on their portfolio and, crucially, have a look at the lady who's going to be turning up at your door!


There are plenty of escort agency websites out there, and what's on offer can differ not just between agencies but between cities and regions too. For example a huge city like London will have more agency websites than any other UK city, simply because it's larger. Being the capital, the bright lights of London also attract diverse populations from other countries, whether visiting or settling in the UK. This means that London escorts are equally diverse in nationality. British escorts in fact make up only a very small proportion of London escorts, with Russian escorts, Eastern European escorts, Thai and Asian escorts being prolific in the city. As many of these girls are not settled and are only visiting the UK for a short time they are less concerned about being outed as an escort - after all it's unlikely that the profile of a Russian escort on a London escort agency website will be discovered by her Russian family! Therefore, it's pretty common to see girls' faces on London agency websites. However, there's another reason for this - the agency might be using stock or model photos rather than photos of actual escorts. And this is a problem that's common in every city, so how do you spot the real photos from the fakes? 


If you're booking escorts in Manchester, it's unlikely that you'll see the girls' faces on their website profiles. This is because many of Manchester's escorts are British, Mancunian and are resident in the city. These girls have family and friends in Manchester and they may want to keep their escorting work a secret. If you're looking at facial photos on an escort agency website in Manchester, it's likely that the photos are fake OR that you're looking at photos of a foreign escort for whom privacy in the UK is less of an issue. 

If a photo looks TOO good, it might be fake. While some agencies do have professional photographers and studios (like us!), there's usually still an element of realness about the photo. A photo that is TOO perfect - too photoshopped/ filtered etc might be an indication of a fake.  

Look at the location of the photo. If you're looking at a professionally shot photo of a model by a swimming pool in the Maldives, it's probably not genuine. Most escort agencies love their girls but not enough to fly therm out to exotic locations for photo shoots!


The good news is that if you're reading this you've already found an escort agency website with genuine photos. At Secrets we don't show girls' faces to maintain their privacy; our photos are good and studio shot by a professional photographer, but you can tell that the girls are genuine and not overly photoshopped; finally, there's not a pool in sight - these are Manchester escort girls with photos taken at our Manchester escort agency photo studio. Our pics are 100% real and we even go that bit further to prove that to you with our escort videos - short clips of our girls in motion, so you can see for yourself that the girl in the photo is the girl who's going to be arriving at your door. By god, we're good!

So if you're looking for escorts in manchester with 100% genuine photos, look no further - you've already hit the jackpot. 

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