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In true British form, the kids go back to school (thank f**k!!!) and summer arrives! It's been peeing it down throughout July and August, so much so that it's felt like mid-October through most of our alleged 'summer months'. Now the little rascals are safely ensconced back in their classrooms we got rays for days! Right now it's a balmy 30 degrees in the Secrets office. It's gorgeous but it'd be better with a pool handy. A consistent 22 degrees with clear skies and a gentle breeze would be really nice about now - we'd settle for that. What do you guys think? Are you all sun worshippers or does anything over 28 degrees send you back into the house shaking your head about how dry the garden is looking? At Secrets we love the heat, but we have to admit there's a limit to the amount of, erm, 'activity' you can reasonably commit yourself to when the weather goes mental. So, don't hate us if we wait until evening-time to play out this week and next - we want to give our best and it's much easier to do that when everyone concerned is cool and comfortable. Put some fizz in to chill, give us a call and we'll be round when the lights go down for the best late-summer fun you'll have in 2023.


Ok, ok. maybe not RIGHT around the corner, but autumn doth beckon so Christmas isn't far behind. At least, that's what Home Bargains and B&M say - aisles already stuffed with singing Santas and festive bloody wrappings...

...Which makes us wonder if you've thought about trying escort work to bring in cash for Christmas this year?

We’re one of the most established escort agencies in Manchester, having been in business for over 30 years. That means we’ve got a MASSIVE client bank which in turn means that we’re able to keep you busy! Having been established for such a long time, we’ve had a lot of practice at doing what we do. We’re a professionally-run business with high standards in respect of the girls we represent and the service we offer. From the first call that the client makes to the moment you leave his hotel, we want the client’s experience to be first class, which is why we only represent the best girls and give you support while you learn the ropes.


Being the busiest escort agency in Manchester comes with perks. If you meet our expectations, we’re able to guarantee that if you make yourself available, you will get work. Our escorts get to party in the best hotels and homes in the region, all while being paid. You'll get top escort earnings at Secrets Manchester - perfect if you want a late summer break or if you want to really push the boat out this Christmas!


Secrets' rates are also the best in Manchester. Our escort agency fees are the lowest around, meaning that you will make more per hour than you would at any other agency. Why pay an escort agency 50% of your earnings when you can pay just 25% at Secrets? Hour by hour, you’ll take home more money with Secrets Escorts than you would at any other escort agency in Manchester – and that’s a fact.


Send over 3 unfiltered photos via MMS or WhatsApp to 07706 165 610 and you could be starting work TONIGHT! 

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