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When booking an escort, the emphasis is usually on the service that the client receives from the escort, however the role that the client plays in the experience is equally important. You may be surprised to hear that not every escort companion is treated with respect and consideration, and sadly, there are instances where clients appear to leave their manners at the door. At Secrets Manchester, we believe in treating people as you would wish to be treated yourself. While the majority of clients do treat escorts well and appreciate the services they offer, we would still encourage you have a look at the following tips. Not only will it help you to get the best out of your escort booking, it will also help in making you a favourite client - and who doesn't want to have the sexiest women in manchester falling over themselves to visit you? 

1. Hotel bookings

In this busy world we live in, time is of the essence. If you're booking an escort in a hotel, we would strongly recommend giving us a call only once your (double!) hotel room has been confirmed. This saves you and your date traipsing from hotel to hotel in Manchester trying to find a room because your usual hotel is full up. Booking your hotel and then booking your escort after means that the escort has a definite venue and can plan to be there on time. Delays in finding a hotel once the escort has arrived will mean that you have to pay extra, so be organised. Please be aware that after 8pm you will be asked to come down and escort your companion into the hotel. Hotel security can be tight these days so this measure saves any possible embarassment to you and your companion should the escort be stopped. 

2. Show respect

As we said earlier, treat people how you would like to be treated yourself. Escorts are experienced professionals who have acquired a certain set of skills. Selling their time doesn't mean that an escort has no self-respect - indeed it's the very opposite. Getting paid for the time means that they value themselves higher than someone who offers their time for free. Paid companions are human beings with feelings and self-esteem, just like you, and they should be treated with respect and kindness. An escort is not obliged to fulfill your every wish simply because she accepts payment for her time. One way of ensuring that you get the best from your booking is to run through your preferences before the meeting so that both you and your companion are aware of the expectations of the booking before she arrives.  

3. Take the pressure off

Some Manchester escorts tell us about situations when they feel forced by a client to do something that has been explicitly refused before the meeting. We appreciate that you guys can get giddy and caught up in the moment, but trying to force a service that has been refused puts a great deal of pressure on the escort, who can then feel vulnerable in that situation. Please remember the basic rule of consent, and if a service is refused, respect that. As a rule, Secrets escorts offer a GFE. Anything beyond that is for discussion between you and the escort and is NOT included in the hourly rate. so if you are seeking additional services, please be aware that there will be additional charges should the escort be happy to perform that service for you. 

4. Wash up and brush up

Being clean and fresh is a sign that you respect those around you. Take the time to shower before your booking. Secrets Escorts love visiting clients who make the effort for them because spending time with a person who takes care of themselves is more enjoyable. Fiirst impressions count, so if you want to become an escort's favourite client, give yourself a good scrub beforehand. Likwewise, if booking at home, make sure that your environment is clean and tidy. We're not suggesting that you light candles - but making sure that your home is fresh-smelling and in order makes the experience much more pleasant. 

5. Be generous

Tipping is not expected as a rule, however as in other industries, a tip indicates that you are satisfied with the service and you enjoyed the time you spent together. If a monetary tip isn't your thing, consider a small gift instead, for example an item of clothing or lingerie, perfume or a toy that you can enjoy together. As you get to know an escort, take the time to find out about her preferences - or surprise her with something that you'd love to see her in. Clients often get a real kick out of seeing 'their' escort wearing an outfit that they have purchased on our escort website - it's an open acknowledgment of your generosity. 


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