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Exclusive Manchester escort Chloe made all our jaws drop when she walked into Secrets for the first time, and nearly 2 years on, she’s still wowing us (and you!). It’s pretty rare to see a firm young escort with a face and body quite like this one (although we do pride ourselves on retaining all of them at Secrets!).

A former lap dancer, Chloe is a self-confessed hedonist and she just loves life in the fast lane. With a super-toned figure that looks incredible wrapped around a pole (or a man), the only thing that this sexy, top rated Manchester escort is missing is gift wrap.

As Chloe’s been on holiday for almost a month, she called into our studio for a chat this week and we found out exactly what makes this chick tick - it became clear very quickly that this is a lady who likes to live life in the fast lane...

Q: Chloe –as always you incredible and your figure makes us all want to cry with envy! How do you do it?

A: Well, I like to keep fit. A healthy body is important to me. I like being able to look at myself and like what I see – it gives me confidence and makes life easier. I go to the gym most days where I train with resistance weights and do classes to keep up my aerobic fitness, but my favourite way to stay trim is by dancing regularly. I’m pretty damn good on the pole, and that keeps me really toned. I also enjoy a bit of bedroom aerobics if you get my drift! I am pretty high maintenance as I love looking glam, so my guys can always expect me to be professionally made up with my long blonde hair curled into soft ringlets around my boobs, and of course I’m really tanned from my recent holiday abroad too – everyone looks great with a tan don’t they?

Q: Well you sure do! You started with a bang at Secrets Escorts Manchester and 2 years on our lucky clients still can’t get enough of ‘top party girl escort Chloe’ – what’s your secret?

A: I just love men! The more the merrier! I don’t think there’s much point in being an escort if you don’t enjoy it. I get a kick out of looking good, being appreciated and giving guys a fantastic time, whether that’s on my own or with one of my escort friends like Nikki. There’s nothing more flattering than being paid for your company, and I like to make sure that my company is the best they’ve ever had. I’m a big believer in going hard or going home – so only book me if you can keep up!

Q: Are you the type of girl who gives it up on the first date?

A: Hell yeah! Intimacy is a great way to break the ice! Plus that way, I know straight away if I wanna carry on dating him. I know what I like and I won’t waste my time - if he doesn’t hit the sweet spot, it’s over honey.

Q: Being a top Manchester playmate you’re obviously a hedonist – do men like that about you?

A: Oh yeah, definitely – I was just made for pleasure! Who doesn’t like to feel great? In this line of work if I look after myself and enjoy myself, I can make other people feel great too. That’s why this is the perfect profession for me to be in. As a lap dancer, my job was to titillate and tease, which ultimately just makes guys feel frustrated. I’m a physical girl, I like to feel it all and I want my clients to feel it too. Share the love, that’s what I say! And if that makes me a highly recommended Manchester escort girl, then that’s just a bonus!

Q: How do spend your time when you aren’t being a top escort in Manchester?

A: Well obviously I spend a lot of the time at the gym, so that’s a big focus for me. I’m a night bird and I come alive when it gets dark outside. I like doing stuff, being busy. Preferably in a club, or a fast car, or out on a date with a gorgeous guy – or all 3 ideally, especially if my bestie Nikki is with me for the ride! I’m not one for staying in and baking cakes, put it that way!

Q: Do you have a significant other?

A: I have loads! No, seriously, I date occasionally, but I’m not looking for anything serious, which can put some men off. I’m only in my 20’s so I’m definitely not looking to settle down just yet. And while I love doing what I’m doing, I don’t see any reason to change – I love being a party girl escort in Manchester and I might as well make the most of it while I’m still young and hot! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Q: What’s your biggest thrill?

A: I’d have to say getting my kit off and doing a really sexy, seductive dance. I love learning new moves and I love the effect that my dancing has on guys. I’ve fallen and been injured a couple of times, but I don’t give up easily, and achieving something that looks spectacular is an amazing feeling. Nailing a routine can be hard work, but it feels incredible when you pull it together and there’s a male audience there to watch. Once I get into the music and I let the rhythm take me away it makes me feel horny as hell. If you’re looking for a lap dancing escort in Manchester, be prepared because I’ll blow you away.

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