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With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, everyone is making sexy and romantic plans for this Wednesday night. Whether you're spending it with your girlfriend, wife or a sexy Manchester escort, chances are that you're planning a special something for the lady in your life.

We would like to help you out by providing some much needed and relevant insight courtesy of our beautiful and sophisticated Liverpool escorts. These are tactics that you can use to charm and disarm your chosen Valentine and give them an experience that they will remember for a long time to come.

The following suggestions are simple but effective and will ensure that your Valentine’s Day celebrations are perfect in every way for you and your lover or partner:

  1. Surprise – A surprise date to one of your shared favourite destinations would be the ideal way to spend Valentine’s Day. However, if you don’t want to be this extravagant then you can always plan a smaller surprise that involves doing some of your favourite things. You can plan a true surprise and take your partner out to do something that you have never done before. A surprise is one of the best things ever because it can be carried out to any scale and on any budget and still have the same effect.

  2. Gifts – Apart from the surprise, the main crux of a Valentine’s Day date is the gift. Choose your gift for her very carefully and give her something that you know will make her feel special and on top of the world. This is something that only you can know and only if you’ve been paying enough attention to your lover. Choose your gifts carefully and let it be something that has emotional and sentimental value rather than material value.

  3. Flowers – With all the different marketing strategies that are simultaneously in circulation before Valentine’s Day, your lover is bound to be in the mood for some flowers. Apart from being visible everywhere in the run up to Valentine’s Day, flowers are also symbolic of spring, love and new beginnings and are a fresh-smelling, visual reminder that you've been thinking about her. Don’t be stingy and club this with your gift. Let the flowers be an additional 'something' to bring a smile to her face and try to avoid all the usual cliches of roses - consider orchids, freesia or even daffodils. If you can discreetly find out if your partner likes a specific flower this also shows that you've taken the time and care to pick out something specifically for her!

  4. Food – A happy person is one with a full stomach. Variations of this adage have been known to mankind since a long time now and for good reason too. Some studies show that eating food is as pleasurable as having an orgasm in some cases. Treat your partner to some delicious food. If you can cook up her favourite meal all by yourself then she will forever be grateful and love you all the more for it. Make sure to read the recipe multiple times, double check you've got all the ingredients for your romantic meal and give yourself enough time to cook it.

  5. Massage – Now this treads the edge between love and lust quite effectively. You can either book a relaxing couple's massage or you can simply go ahead and massage each other and let things progress from there. If booking a professional massage, be sure to make proper arrangements at a decent spa with certified massage therapists - she'll expect luxury! A couples’ massage is one of the best things a couple can do together and many couples say that they feel closer afterwards, but there's nothing quite like the intimacy and sensuality of the touch of your partner's own hands.

  6. Shower or bubble bath together- Treat yourself and your lover to some sexy and erotic moments by indulging in a shower or a bubble bath. If you’ve done it before then you know how sensual and erotic it can be. The sex is always great after having a shower or a bath together. Turn the heat up this Valentine’s Day by frolicking with your lover in the shower or the bath.

All of the above mentioned pointers came straight from the beautiful mouth of a Liverpool escort. Trust her and go with the flow to have a magnificent and unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience!