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A few weeks ago we interviewed brand new teen Manchester city centre escort Maya prior to her working her first night with Secrets. This new teenage escort in central Manchester was brand new to the industry when she joined us in May and as you can see, she was already eager to get her claws into some sexy guys!

Read on and we’ll give you an in-depth insight into this little minx’s preparations for her first ever shift at Secrets.

Secrets: Hi Maya – looking gorgeous today! Are you excited about making your debut as an 18 year old Manchester city centre escort with Secrets this week?

Maya: Hi, thanks! I’m SO looking forward to making a start at Secrets, partying in Manchester city centre and getting to know some hot and sexy guys! I’ve just had my nails done, do you like them? I’ve got naturally long nails and I think a French polish is classy and cute.

Secrets: Are you nervous about your first night as a Manchester escort?

Maya: I’ve had a few butterflies, yes, but I’m naturally pretty confident, so I’m sure I’ll be just fine. It’s something I’ve thought about doing since I turned 18 and the thought of getting out there and making it happen is actually incredibly exciting!

Secrets: How will you be preparing for your first night as a Manchester city centre escort?

Maya: Well, as you can see, I’ve had my nails done already, and I feel really feminine and girly with them all painted prettily. I’ve also had my hair trimmed and coloured, and most importantly, I’ve been shopping for some lovely new things to wear. On the day, I’ll be soaking in a long, hot bath and taking my time in getting ready, making sure that everything’s perfect. When I did an online search for escorts in Manchester city centre, it quickly became clear that escorts in central Manchester have a reputation for being really hot and some of the best escorts in the UK, so I’ve got to look my absolute best!

Secrets: You’ll be earning a lot as a Manchester city centre escort so how are you planning on spending your money?

Maya: My plan is to save towards my education but I’ll almost certainly spend a little more than I intend to when I first start! Once I find myself in a lingerie shop surrounded by all that satin and lace, I don’t think I’ll be able to help myself – I have a tendency to go a little bit lingerie-mad! I won’t spoil the surprise, but I’ve already got some gorgeous, luxurious sets that flatter my hourglass figure and large natural boobs, and I’ve indulged myself (and you guys) with some really sexy stockings and suspender belts. I’ve also bought a new pair of sky-high heels that make my legs look even more toned, and a really cute little dress for my very first outing. I feel really glam and very sexy when I try them on, so I know I’m going to look and feel every inch a top Manchester city centre escort girl. I can’t wait!

Secrets: I bet our guys are going to be salivating over the thought of a genuine teen Manchester city centre escort all dolled up and looking gorgeous just for them! How did your first ever shoot go?

Maya: Oh, I absolutely loved it! I was a bit nervous at first, but Secrets’ female Manchester city centre escort photographer is amazing and made me feel really at ease. We had plenty of jokes and banter so I didn’t feel in the slightest bit embarrassed or awkward. I chose mainly pretty, bright red and black lingerie as they match my café au lait skin tone, and I like those traditionally feminine, seductive colours. I was a bit nervy when I first stepped out of the dressing room wearing just my underwear, but by the time the photographer got the music pumping and a lens in my cleavage I was posing like a pro – it definitely brought out the extrovert in my personality! Being an artist in my spare time, I love photography and the way the camera can capture you at your best – it was lovely to flip the situation and feel like an artist’s model rather than the artist for a change. I’m really looking forward to my next set of shots and I’m already planning themes and ideas at a million miles a minute. All suggestions are welcome! 

Secrets: Thanks so much for giving us an insight into preparing for your first ever night as an elite Manchester city centre escort girl with Secrets. When will you be making your first appearance?

Maya: Well, I’m going to be available at least 3 nights per week starting later this week. I guess if you want to be the first client to book me at your Manchester city centre hotel, you’ll have to call and make a date with this teen escort in Manchester nice and early!

As Manchester city centre escort Maya’s now been working for the last few weeks, she’s already started getting her very own following! Teen central Manchester party girl escort Maya is available most weekends as well as one or two nights in the week. If you’d like to book 18 year old escort Maya in Manchester city centre, just call Secrets Manchester.

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