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Manchester Escort Harper - Ship Ahoy!!!

Popular Manchester Escort Harper popped into our studio last week for a very memorable photo shoot. This stunning, toned and tight-bodied escort decided to break from the norm and choosing a very sexy and naughty little sailor girl outfit to show off her exceptionally slender frame.

As she emerged from the studio looking a little bit hot under the collar, we thought we’d offer this fair maiden a glass of something cool to re4fresh her, but the conversation just got steamy…

Secrets: ‘Ahoy there Harper – nice outfit!’

Harper: (curtsies cheekily) ‘Why thank you captain! Do you like my new outfit?’


Secrets: ‘We certainly do! You look like you’re about to seduce the treasure from right under the pirate.’

Harper: (laughing loudly) ‘Ooooh, I’ve always fancied being a pirate’s wench, so when I saw this little number, I knew I had to wear it for this shoot. I love how the bodice clings to my waist, and this little skirt and the stripy stockings make me feel truly wicked. I hope someone requests that I wear this soon, because they’ll definitely get a jolly rogering – get it!?’


Secrets: (groaning) ‘What made you change from your more traditional lingerie shoots?’

Harper: ‘I absolutely adore lingerie – I have a wardrobe full of feminine bits of silk and lace. This time round I wanted to show off my more glamorous side in lingerie, but do something a little bit different too. My favourite colours are black and pink. The black sets off my ivory skin and the pink complements my long dark hair really well, so when I picked the lingerie for this shoot, I went for my favourite colours, with a little bit of lace and some tie-side panties for a naughty touch. And I love the sexy fingerless gloves as well. I guess I’ve done quite a few of those sorts of shoots though now, and while I’ve always been thrilled with the results, I picked this little sailor girl outfit because I also wanted to show a different side to my personality this time around.’


Secrets: ‘And what side is that…?’

Harper: ‘My exciting, open minded and raunchy side! I want my pictures to tempt you into making me your wench tonight. I want to show that I love to dress up and have fun with what I wear. I want to show you how sexy it can be to just give yourself up to fantasy and indulge in some very grown up play time. I love to flirt outrageously, and the next natural step from that for me is a bit of sexy role play. I hope what these pictures show is that I’m up for a good time – I will be anything you want me to be and you are guaranteed an experience that’s out of the ordinary and every bit as thrilling and naughty as my outfit suggests I am. My lingerie shots show that I can be a real lady, but my pirate girl shots show I can also be anything but.’


Secrets: ‘That’s a great way of putting it – so you’re pretty versatile then?’

Harper: ‘Oh yes, definitely. I can be the discreet, ladylike and demure companion, or I can be the ultimate bad-girl seductress. I can even do both together! You can take me out for dinner and be assured of perfect behaviour and complete discretion – but only until we get back to your hotel room!’


If you’d like to be the Jack Sparrow to Harper’s Elizabeth Swann, just give Secrets a call on 0161 798 6769 to book an appointment – she’ll be ready and waiting!