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Manchester escort Natasha - She'll melt your inhibitions as well as your heart

I’m Natasha, the blonde babe who will melt your inhibitions as well as your heart. There’s nothing like meeting new people and indulging in new experiences, so instead of sitting home alone, why don’t you throw caution to the wind and call Secrets to book a play date with me?

I can be classily sophisticated or a wild party chick, but whatever the circumstances of our date, I am always up for a good time.

Although I’m still in my early twenties, I know exactly how to please a man – let’s just say it comes instinctively. I love entertaining older gentlemen too – with age comes experience, and I love being taught new tricks as much as I love teaching them. If you’re a more mature gent, then you’ll be glad to hear that when it comes to offering company there’s definitely more to me than a pair of pert boobs and a tight bum. Boasting brains as well as beauty, and a warm, caring personality, I’ve got what it takes to remind you what it was like to be young, without a care in the world; a whole future filled with naughty fun and all sorts of wicked antics ahead of you. The best thing about me is that I’m a sure thing, so you can relax knowing that you’re going to be lavished with all the attention you could ever wish for.

People often say I look like a young Sharon Davies, because I’m physically quite athletic, with a tall, lithe, leggy frame, a light golden tan, and long silky blonde hair – oh and I look great in a bikini too! I’m lucky to be naturally pretty, and I have clear, soft skin, so I don’t need loads of makeup to look stunning. I’m a sophisticated and fashionable dresser, so my outfits are always carefully selected for the occasion, and I favour tight little dresses that show off my lean shape, with heels that make my long legs look even longer. Being body-confident, I’m as happy without my clothes as I am in them, so when the time comes for us to spend some time alone, I’ll be slowly stripping down to my lingerie, taking my own sweet time over each piece of clothing and watching your face as inch by inch my perfectly toned frame is revealed for your pleasure. Yes, there are loads of other sexy girls out there, but there none who are as attentive and sensual as I am, and once I’ve got you in my sights, you won’t even want to think about anyone else.

Being slender and tight-bodied doesn’t come 100% naturally, though, so it’s a good job I’m a very physical person, and I love working up a sweat in the gym, or behind closed doors. They say sex is the best form of exercise, and it’s no coincidence that I’m slim and trim in all the right places. Perhaps you feel as though you’ve been tired and lacklustre lately and you’re in need of an invigorating and highly stimulating workout with a trainer who’s very, very personal? Look no further boys, because I’m happy to give you a high-impact body-to-body session that’ll leave you breathless and aching for me for days after. I’ll make your heart pound and your pulse race, but don’t worry, if you’re a good boy, I’ll let you catch your breath before round two...

If this has got you warmed up and you’re eager to take it to the next level, give Secrets a call on 0161 798 6769 and book an appointment with Natasha. She covers the North West, and she’s available on request, so what are you waiting for?