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When searching for the best escorts in Manchester, checking out escort reviews can be an invaluable way of gaining insight into the experience you might expect from an escort. There are plenty of escort review sites and 'punting' chatrooms out there where you can read about client experiences of individual escorts and agencies. Many of these sites encourage a feeling of 'community' between fellow punters, who enjoy posting and sharing information online about the escorts they see. Some sites such as UK Punting and the Little Black Book (LBB) can read almost like a compendium of erotic short stories, so graphic in nature can they be! If you're looking at reviews on dedicated punting sites like these, be aware that you may be subjecting yourself to intensely intimate details, which may or may not put you off booking that escort. 


At Secrets we love client reviews and many of our escorts encourage their clients to review their experience. Secrets Escorts Manchester website allows clients to leave reviews about our girls on the individual girls' profiles, so you can access them straight from the source without having to look elsewhere for information about the escort you wish to book. If you've had a great time, feel free to put your comments in writing. We do however have a few suggestions around the etiquette of reviewing escorts. 


* From conversations with escorts and clients, the general consensus is that graphic content isn't always well received. Escorts can find very explicit details embarrassing and even degrading. Clients can find that knowing about what that girl has done, with whom and how many times is a big put-off. So, we ask that when you write your review, you keep any intimate details a memory between you and your companion, and concentrate on the overall quality of the experience. We will omit any explicit details from reviews that are submitted to us. 

* If you intend to leave a review about an escort, let her know and ask if it's ok. Most escorts welcome reviews, especially if they're glowing, but some (for the above reasons) would prefer for their services to remain private. 

* By all means leave 'tips for improvement' in your review, but be respectful about the escort.

* If you haven't had a great experience with an escort, approach the agency before leaving a negative review. An agency like Secrets wants our girls to offer the best GFE around and we'll work with our escorts if there are improvements to be made. 

* Your personal information will be checked and verified when you leave a review, so make sure the information you leave is accurate. If you wish to remain anonymous, mark your review as such.

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