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4(ish) weeks ago when the UK lockdown began, I spent the first of many days listening to the radio and, during an advert break chirping happily about supermarkets, banks, shops and other face-to-face services, it occurred to me that everything was about to change. After all, for many retailers who advertise goods in-store, you either have to stop trading or adapt. So we started to see and hear a shift in the way companies advertise, from Tesco introducing social distancing measures because 'Every Little Helps', to those local businesses pushing their goods via social media. We've seen bars introducing home deliveries with online cocktail-making classes; big-name fast-food outlets releasing secret recipes, a shift in fashion focus from spring and summer lines to loungewear; free online fitness classes and a mass national download of apps like Zoom and Houseparty as we search for new ways of seeing and keeping in touch with our nearest and dearest. 

Coronavirus has taken over our lives in ways we couldn't predict. These last few weeks, we forgot about using actual words and even wearing 'proper clothes'. These days we change out of 'day pyjamas' into 'night pyjamas and Isolanguage has wriggled its way into our linguistic systems as we find new ways of expressing and sharing experiences in lockdown. So weekend is now 'little weekend' and the rest of the week is 'big weekend' and we sit back to enjoy Quarantinis every day at 4pm as though we’re all bit part actors in a Merchant Ivory film. It's all a little bit Las Vegas to be honest - we're losing money hand over fist and it's acceptable to drink at all hours of the day. Bummer if you have a birthday coming up too - cards now come with helpful messages like ‘at least you don’t have to share your wine with everyone’ accompanied by IOU's for gifts which, let's face it, will never appear. If you’re bored, there’s always shagging. By all means get it on, but remember to bag it up unless you want to contribute to the baby boom that’s inevitably going to happen 9 months after the end of lockdown. We don't even want to think about 2033 when the world will be populated with Quaranteens called Isolayton, Lockdawn and Quarantina. 

Jokes aside, Covid-19 has impacted our priorities in ways that we probably haven’t seen since the last world war. The former heroes of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, actors, musicians and sports personalities have taken a backseat to the real heroes of 2020 - the nurses, doctors, truck drivers, carers, teachers, shop workers, bin men and, unforgettably, 99 year old WW11 veteran Captain Tom Moore. These people along with so many others, are continuing to fight Covid-19 with science, with love and with the most incredible charitable efforts, so that the rest of the UK can stay home and safe. Nearly 4 weeks on, if you don’t re-watch Gal Gadot and her famous friends re-imagining Imagine from their spacious 10 million-dollar homes during the first days of lockdown without wanting to vomit then you’re a moron. As the last 4 weeks have shown us, heroes are better than this. 

Big-name companies across various industries have adapted to these strange times finding ways to contribute to the greater good, despite a potentially catastrophic economic period. High-end brands have turned their productivity towards fighting the Coronavirus pandemic, with Mercedes F1 i n collaboration with mechanical engineers at University College London and clinicians at University College London Hospital (UCLH) producing CPAP machines for the NHS to use on covid-19 patients with serious lung infections, as a less invasive alternative to ventilators. Jo Malone London and Estée Lauder Companies have redirected part of their manufacturing towards the production of hand sanitiser for frontline medical professionals and key workers. Armani and Savile Row have also converted their production sites for the manufacture of PPE and scrubs for health workers battling coronavirus. In difficult times, it’s reassuring for 'the little guy' to see luxury brands giving something back, eschewing large profits and carving out a new kind of social value in their contribution to the global effort to contain and eradicate Covid-19. In April 2020, heroism feels very different to what it did even a month ago. It's not about how well you can sing, or kick a ball, or how much money you've got - it's about how much you give and how little you expect back. Social value isn't counted in pound signs - it's measured by how much you can help others without any agenda at all. 

So, here we are, nearly 4 weeks on and getting ourselves ready for a further 3 weeks of lockdown. It seems like a challenge, but is it really? When so many people are giving so much right now, is it too much to ask that we simply do as we’re asked and forget our selfish wants for just a short period of time? At Secrets Escorts Manchester there’s not a lot that we can do other than take the moral decision to protect ourselves, our escorts and our clients at this time, and if we can do it then you can too.

Secrets Manchester will be back before you know it with Manchester’s best escort service at the most affordable prices. We’re keeping you updated via our news page, so keep checking.


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