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It's come a bit late this year, but even though it's nearly February the snow is falling and Britain has once again got itself in a lather with school closures, power cuts and travel delays on North West motorways and at Manchester Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport. 

The North West was blanketed in snow on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and the low temperatures aren't seeing it melting any time soon. Parks and playing fields are still littered with the remnants of snowmen and the gritters are still out as the snow turns rapidly to ice. In the midst of all this fluffy white chaos, the Met office has issued yet another warning that more snow could be due to fall today and tomorrow, no doubt causing a minor catastrophe for those battling through rush hour later on today. 

An amber warning means that there is an expectation of heavy snow and ice well into Friday, so expect delays on roads and motorways as well as flight cancellations and yet more school closures. The lowest ever temperatures have been recorded this year, with some areas of the UK hitting as low as -10 degrees. It all seems a bit of a far cry away from the fantasic summer we had a mere 6 months ago when we were all moaning about how hot it was! The advice is as always to drive carefully, wrap up warm and don't travel unless you need to. 

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