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Manchester party girl escort Georgia gets hands on with best friend Skye…

Being a very tactile sort of girl, I love to use my hands and fingers to make others feel good and I enjoy the feel of male and female skin under my fingers, which is why I took a course in massage a couple of years ago. I regularly use my skills on my clients and my special friends, who love to feel my oily hands slipping and sliding over their skin before I really work my magic...

On this particular occasion, my bestie Skye and I were painting each other’s nails – one of those rare quiet evenings where we were free to relax and laze before the partying started. Skye stretched languorously on the velvety sofa, pert boobs stretching out the front of her teeny tiny vest. Skye has a beautiful body – lean and toned with a perky, firm cleavage. She batted her lashes at me pleadingly before asking if there was any chance that I might give her a little back massage. I’d been dying to get my hands on Skye for some time, so the thought of pulling down the straps of that next-to-nothing vest, taking a palm full of scented oil and feeling that smooth, supple skin under my fingers certainly wasn’t a chore. Casually tossing her glossy, auburn hair into a messy bun, Skye let me peel her vest down, revealing a tanned, firm torso. Reaching into my bag for the travel sized bottle of massage oil I always carry with me, I watched as she laid out a towel and arranged herself face down on the sofa.

I warmed the oil between my palms and straddled her, my knees resting on either side of her hips. I began to massage her lower back from her spine out to her sides bilaterally in slow rhythmic movements, loving her contented and happy sigh as my fingers worked her firm, silky flesh. I started out slowly, increasing the pressure gently, thumbs either side of her spine, moving slowly up and then down.

She started to moan a little with pleasure as I worked upward, and I felt an infinitesimal shift in her torso that seemed to urge me towards her ribcage, so that my fingers were stroking the curve of her breasts ever so slightly. As I touched the swell of those gorgeous boobs, I felt myself moisten and my face flush. God, it was warm in here all of a sudden. Hearing her soft moans of pleasure was such a turn-on, and I was getting hotter and hotter at the sight of her nearly naked body underneath mine. Desperate for some air, I quickly pulled my own tiny vest over my head, relishing the sudden coolness on my damp cleavage.

Skye giggled as my vest hit the floor, taking advantage of the break in the massage to flip herself over so that she was on her back while I still straddled her, cupping her breasts and pushing them up with a mock-innocent look on that beautiful face. Unable to resist, I picked up the bottle of oil, trailing a little pool of oil over her flushed skin and moving quickly to massage it into her flat stomach, and up towards her ribs, my fingertips just brushing the undersides of her firm little boobs. Feeling increasingly bold, I allowed my fingers to continue gently massaging upwards, feeling my own body respond in symmetry as I applied the lightest of touches. It wasn’t long before I could feel her starting to pull me down towards her, our bodies slick with oil and warm from arousal...

All of a sudden the phone rang out with Skye’s daft ringtone and the spell was broken –it looked like we may just be about to head out to a duo escort booking together. Towelling off quickly and giggling like schoolgirls, we stepped into miniscule dresses and slicked on lipstick at lightning speed before running downstairs, slipping on heels and heading out into the night, ready to party. As we got into the car, Skye nibbled my neck playfully and I had a feeling that the fun was only just beginning. We hadn’t met him yet, but our first client of the night was most definitely in for a treat.

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