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Payton Is Brand New To Secrets

Petite princess Payton is brand new to Secrets and already causing a storm with her long blonde hair, golden tan and big, long-lashed blue eyes. This little minx is as charming as she is beautiful, and when one of our clients described her as a ‘fallen angel’, we think he’s probably not far wrong.

This innocent looking, yet badly behaved young temptress looks like a sweet, sugary treat, but she’s all spice and wickedness, and a night with her will leave you happy, exhausted and begging for more.

We caught up with this mischievous little coquette for a chat to see if we can find out exactly what it is that makes her the perfect combination of naughty and nice.

Secrets: ‘Well Payton, you’re already proving to be one of our most talked about escorts, and that’s after just one week!’

Payton: ‘I’m absolutely loving it at Secrets! I adore getting dressed up, getting my heels, a pretty dress and my makeup on for a wild night out on the town – it’s one of my favourite things. I’ve met so many new faces this week, from other escorts at the agency to drivers, receptionists and of course all my new gentleman friends. I’m still finding my feet, but I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had – I love it!’

Secrets: ‘And our guys just love you too – I think the amount of adoring phone calls we’ve had about you might be a new record!’

Payton (blushing) ‘Awww, really? That’s lovely. I don’t think I’m doing anything unusual – I’m just being myself and having fun. I’ve always thought that if you’re having a good time, others will enjoy your company too, so I’m really pleased to hear that what works for me is also working for the guys I visit.’

Secrets: ‘It does seem that you’re a bit of a natural. What’s your ideal date night?’

Payton: ‘Oooooh, well I love to dance, and I always get a lot of attention when I do, so any date has to have dancing. It could be an old fashioned tea dance with cake and lemonade, or a full-on club night with designer clothes and Champagne – either way I’d be in my element! As long as I get to strut my stuff in something glamorous, I’m completely won over! I also love being wined and dined – there’s nothing more romantic than a guy who knows how to treat a lady, so a couple of cocktails followed by a delicious meal makes me starry eyed and very eager for more…’

Secrets: ‘What type of cocktail is your favourite?’

Payton: (giggles) ‘I adore Champagne cocktails. You could say I have expensive tastes! I enjoy a Bellini or a Kir Royale, or just a simple glass of Champagne or Prosecco. There’s something so decadent about sipping a glass of fizz. Plus a couple of glasses of fizz makes me feel even naughtier…’

Secrets: (laughing) ‘Oh do tell us more!’

Payton: ‘I think it just makes me feel that little bit more confident, that little bit wilder. I think it’s true what they say that a glass of bubbles makes you lose your inhibitions pretty quickly. Once that first sip passes my lips, it goes straight to my head – and my knickers!’

Secrets: ‘I think we’d best stop there – I’m getting a girl crush!’

If you’d like to treat Payton to something delicious, give Secrets a call on 0161 798 6769.