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Payton Has The Wow Factor

Say a big hello to one of Secrets’ most recent and most stunning additions.

Slim and very toned with a tight little bum and full breasts, Payton has a perfect figure, and it’s topped off by gorgeous, glamour-girl looks and almost waist length hair. Payton just loves to shop, so she’s always immaculately dressed in fitted, sexy little dresses, sky-high heels and bright lingerie that frames her busty figure perfectly. The consummate city chick, Payton is rarely seen without her trusty bag of tricks, so if whether you’re looking forward to seeing her in a kinky uniform or traditional stockings and suspenders, you can guarantee that Payton will be able to accommodate your request.

When it comes to pleasing her men, Payton has all the skill and expertise you’d expect from one of Secrets’ top escorts. A versatile lady who is equally comfortable working the dancefloor in a top nightclub as she is sipping Champagne at a fine restaurant, Payton makes the perfect companion for every occasion. If you’re a guy who wants to be the center of attention with a sexy blonde on your arm as you experience Manchester’s incredible club scene this weekend, then Payton will certainly not disappoint. A trophy date who commands the attention of every man in the room from the moment she walks through the door, you’ll have all eyes on you as she sashays over to join you at the bar. A trophy date who makes any guy feel like a million dollars, Payton is an exclusive escort who will have all the other guys seething with envy when they see her partying at your side. For those of you who prefer a more sedate and cultured experience, Payton also makes the perfect companion for an evening at the theater, a restaurant or social function.

A self-confessed lover of fine things, Payton is all about indulgence and exclusivity. From a crisp sip of Champagne to an adrenaline fuelled ride in a fast little sports car, to feeling the wind in her hair on the deck of a beautiful yacht, this lady loves the high life, and when you make a date with her, you’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery too. Payton takes the time to look good – after all, this is a girl whose standards far exceed the norm. From her long, silky blonde hair to her long, perfectly manicured nails, to the golden tan that kisses her soft, taut skin, Payton exudes luxury, being 100% glamorous and flawlessly groomed, so when you open the door to this stunning escort, your jaw is guaranteed to hit the floor – and yes, she can be yours all night long too! For a night you’ll never forget, call Secrets on 0161 798 6769 and ask for Payton.