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In 2018, there are more UK escort agencies, independent providers, adult performers and webcammers than ever. It’s a cramped market for sure, and competition is hotting up with all types of providers giving it their all to secure business. As in any industry, you’d think that commerce would thrive with an increase in competition, but in the world of adult entertainment where regulation and ‘normal’ professional standards are often sadly lacking, clients are left confused and often disappointed by the number of providers, and crucially, the authenticity of the people and services apparently on offer.    

“So Many Manchester Escort Agencies!”

We hear this a lot! And choice is great - it gives you guys more options when it comes to selecting the ideal escort or type of service you require, but with so much choice often comes risk and the question: how do I know that this escort service is genuine?

Choosing A Reputable Escort Service

At our Manchester escort agency we advise against using ‘new’ escort agencies. No disrespect to our competitors, but fledgling agencies are often short on resources, which means that what you see on their websites is often not what you get. From stock photos or badly shot images, to manipulated statistics and badly written biographies or online ‘escort profiles’, the information you are being given is rarely genuine. Our advice? Avoid!

And then there are those escort agencies that drag the reputation and professionalism of authentic escort providers into the mud. These escort agencies are invariably started to earn a quick buck by people who don’t care about the level of service offered or the welfare of the escorts they represent. It’s a misconception that it’s ‘easy money’ to start and build an escort agency; in reality it takes the dedication of professional, reliable office staff, a team of highly rated escorts and a whole lot of hard work to start and maintain an escort agency business.

Independent escorts are also on the increase, often prioritising the extra few pounds’ agency fee over safety and a professional working environment. While there are some genuinely good independent escorts out there, with so many to pick from and no guarantee that you’re choosing an authentic escort and a top rated escort service, it’s a lottery as to whether or not you’re going to get what you’re paying for.

If you’ve ever had a bad experience with an escort before, here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Choose a reputable Manchester escort agency. Those escort agencies that have been around for a long time tend to be the most professional and reliable. They also maintain the most impressive number of escorts and clients.
  • Use Google. Typing your town or city followed by ‘escorts’ into the search bar (ie Manchester escorts) will return pages of results. Those results that appear at the top of the Google rankings tend to be escort websites that are maintained by better providers who have the resources and business acumen to market themselves properly. Regularly updated escort websites are also a good indicator that the business is likely to be legitimate and well managed.      
  • Check that escort images are genuine. A really useful way of doing this is by using Google’s reverse image search, which allows users to see how many times that image has been used. If it’s been used a lot, it’s likely to be a stock photo and not a genuine escort photo at all. This should be a warning sign to clients – your companion may fall below your expectations.  
  • Read the reviews. A top-rated Manchester escort should have feedback from previous clients. An authentic escort agency should publish bad feedback as well as good, so have a look at a selection of their reviews across a number of escorts.   

Cheap Manchester Escort Agencies

There’s a perception that the best Manchester escort agencies only charge high prices. This is a myth. While in certain circumstances cost and quality indeed go hand in hand, with so many Manchester escort agencies, incalls and independent escorts around, the challenge these days is to offer you, the client, value for money. At just £100 per hour for Manchester escorts, Secrets Escorts is one of the cheapest escort agencies in Manchester. However, this doesn’t mean you’re compromising on quality. What clients often don’t realise is that many escorts will sign up with a number of escort agencies, trying out each until finding their ‘home’. So an escort you may meet at, say Cheshire Companions or Manchester Elite may eventually find a home at Secrets Escorts Manchester or vice versa. The same escorts; just different prices. We are often asked why are we so cheap? In a nutshell, at Secrets we’re priced to be busy. After all, why pay £180 per hour when you can pay £100 per hour for the same elite escort? So, instead of asking ‘why are you so cheap’, maybe it's time to ask ‘why are they so expensive?’  

Manchester’s Top Escort Service, Reasonably Priced.

We hope that this has gone some way to helping you choose a legitimate, professional escort agency service and that you feel more confident going about your search for a highly rated Manchester escort.

As always, Secrets Escorts Manchester is open 12pm until the following morning bringing you Manchester’s best escorts at the best prices.

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