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Say Hello To Manchester Escort Elsa

When it comes to letting it go, Secrets offers an exceptional selection of ladies to suit every taste or event. It’s pretty rare however that we manage to snare a girl who’s as pretty and as intelligent as this one.

Don’t be fooled by her name – young Elsa may look and sound like a Disney character with her flawless looks and enviable figure, but that’s where the similarity stops! Saucy new minx on the block Elsa called into our offices today, so we thought we’d sit her down for a chat to get the low down on how this little princess is getting along...

Secrets: ‘Elsa, how are you enjoying life at Secrets?’

Elsa: ‘Oh my god, I love it here! When I first started I was so nervous – I don’t know how I ever summoned the courage to make that first call, let alone knock on the door – I was petrified! But then as soon as I met my first client all my fears just melted away and I was like a duck to water. We chilled out and chatted over a glass of wine and things slowly went from there. He was a lovely guy who I’ve seen several times since and he knew it was my first time, so he looked after me really well – he still does! We had fun.’

Secrets: ‘I can hear a unique blend of accents going on in your voice Elsa, tell us something about your background?’

Elsa: ‘Yes, I’m not surprised! There are a few different countries, let alone regions in there! There’s a bit of English, a bit of Welsh and even a bit of Scottish I think. I lived for a while ‘darn Sarf’ (down South to those of us from ‘oop North), which is why I’ve got a bit of an Essex twang, then I’ve got a bit of Manchester in there from my time spent here, a bit of Welsh from some of my family and I have no idea where the Scottish comes from!’

Secrets: ‘Would you describe yourself as ‘posh totty’?’

Elsa: ‘Me?!? Ha ha! I do actually get told a lot that I sound quite posh – I think that’s because of the Southern bit, and I can certainly be very ladylike if the situation requires it, but I’m definitely not cold or aloof – I like hot, energetic, wild nights out and letting my hair down with the best of them. I’m 100% a bit of a minx as I’m naughty and cheeky and I love getting up to all sorts of mischief.’

Secrets: ‘What can fans of Elsa expect from you on their dates then?’

Elsa: ‘Well that really depends on what my companion wants from me! I love to please and to satisfy and I don’t stop until I’ve had my way! I think I’m pretty versatile as I can sense what my clients want instinctively without them having to feel awkward about asking. I’m up for pretty much anything on our date, whether it’s a night of clubbing, dinner in a swanky restaurant or just some alone-time in a hotel room. I’m definitely not the sort of girl who will make your heart sink when I arrive at the door to attend a social function – I know how to dress and behave in every situation and I know how to be the perfect, flirty, sophisticated and very seductive plus one at any event. And of course, the best bit is that you get to take me back up to your suite afterwards!’

Secrets: (cue bad joke time) ‘Well it certainly doesn’t sound like you’re ‘Frozen’ to us! 

Elsa: ‘Ha ha – definitely not! They don’t come hotter than me! But I guess you’ll just have to call and find that out for yourselves!’

For a date with your very own sexy diva Elsa, call Secrets on 0161 798 6769 now and let it go!