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Working as an escort in Manchester can be fun, confidence-building and financally rewarding for those who do it well. Being an escort isn't always easy - just as in any job you can come across difficult clients, get tired and feel like your head just isn't in the game, but many of Manchester's top independent escorts say that most of the time they love what they do - they get paid to have fun and indulge their deepest desires. We always have escort jobs available at Secrets. We're looking for goreous girls who love to have fun, and you can start working STRAIGHT AWAY!


Unlike most other jobs, being an escort is purely about people - it's about offering another person something of yourself. It's what we call a GFE - a girlfriend experience. All the benefits of a loving girlfriend combined with a no-strings-attached arrangement. Yes, escorts are pretty and sexy, but the BEST escorts are those who have other skills too - if you're a good listener, if you're caring and affectionate and, crucially, if you have the ability to give your client a fun, sexy experience regardless of whether you're having a bad day, then you've probably got what it takes to be one of the best escorts in the business. If you've got what it takes, you could be earning well over £500 per night CASH with just a phone call to Manchester's busiest escort agency, Secrets Escorts Directory. 


Escorting in Manchester can be very lucrative, and for Manchester's top escort girls who establish themselves with regular clients, earning upwards of 1-2K per week working just 2 nights, it's a reliable income with the benefit of plenty of time off. Many of Manchester's best escorts have other jobs, from careers in the public and private sectors to being stay at home mums or simply 'ladies who lunch'. Whatever the circumstances, being an escort in Manchester can offer great pay with lots of flexibility to suit your day job or lifestyle. If you're intested in escorting 2+ nights per week and you'd benefit from Manchester's best escort earnings, come and join Secrets Escorts where you could be ending the night with HUNDREDS of pounds in your pockets, CASH. 


Escort girls have to be reliable and professional while also being a little bit wild, very open minded and extremely sexy. Yes, guys want girls who don't fit 'the norm'. They're looking for company that's naughty, exciting and stimulating, but escorts who aren't reliable and who don't behave professionally don't generate regular clients and are rarely asked for. Being a top-rated Manchester escort is about being a bad girl while providing a very good service. By all means, party like a rock star - but behave like a lady. We have openings for Manchester escorts RIGHT NOW! Escort jobs in Manchester are waiting and you can start STRAIGHT AWAY! That's right - you could be earning top money IMMEDIATELY! What are you waiting for? Give us a call and you could be £1000+ richer in just 24 hours! 

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