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Sexy Brunette Babe Laura

Sexy brunette babe Laura started her Secrets career as a Manchester escort very recently, and as she called into our studio to get more delicious pictures taken of her barely-clad body, we thought we’d ask her to cool down with a glass of lemonade and tell you a little bit about herself.

Manchester escort Laura - Ready & waiting to make your dreams & fantasies come true!Secrets: ‘Hi Laura, how was your shoot?’

Laura: ‘Completely amazing! I thought I’d feel a bit sleepy as I’ve been up partying all night, but I definitely found my mojo again. It’s a really sexy experience – the photographer is so fit! ’

Secrets: ‘Mmmm, we hear that a lot! So tell us a little bit about your outfits this time round?’

Laura: ‘Weeeelllllll, I think you might be more interested in the outfits I’ve been wearing for one of my regular clients…’

Secrets: ‘Ooooh, this sounds like a tasty bit of gossip – do tell!’

Laura: ‘Well one of my favourite guys is really into seeing me in all these sexy little outfits. I never know in advance what he’s going to produce for me to wear – it’s really dependent on whatever mood he’s in at the time, but I always enjoy the anticipation of wondering what it might be. And the best bit is that I get to take my new outfits home! So far I’ve been a little sailor girl, and then most recently I’ve been given a black and white latex uniform. It’s very, very tight in all the right places and itManchester escort Laura - Ready & waiting to make your dreams & fantasies come true! feels and looks sooooo sexy when it’s on. I took a selfie in it – I look like something out of a music video! So I’d like to say thank you to P (you know who you are) and blow a big kiss to him. Mwah!’

Secrets: ‘Wow – you’re a lucky girl! Any idea what outfit might be next?’

Laura: ‘No – none whatsoever, but that’s part of the fun for me. I’m open minded and I love dressing up and playing the part – I’m pretty damn good at that. I wonder what the next one will be…? Let’s see - I could be a naughty school girl who needs to be taught a lesson by her teacher. Or maybe I could be strict Nurse Laura who Manchester escort Laura - Ready & waiting to make your dreams & fantasies come true!needs to give you a thorough check up and some medicine… Whatever it is, I can’t wait – I get really into things like roleplay and I’m definitely fetish friendly, so I’m happy to deliver pretty much anything that’s asked of me (within reason). Guys who are creative in the bedroom really turn me on - it’s very liberating to pretend to be someone else for a while. I think I could be anyone you’d want and I’d enjoy every minute of it.’

Secrets: ‘And you look so sweet and innocent too! Tell us more about what you get up to on your nights out…’

Laura: ‘Not every date is so unusual – in fact most are far more traditional, but I enjoy them just as much. I still get to dress up in something gorgeous and glamorous, get my hair and nails done and slip on a pair of the highest heels I own before heading out for the night. For example we’ll meet at the hotel, head out for a few drinks and a meal, usually followed by cocktails in the hotel bar, before going up to the room for my version of a Slow Comfortable Screw.’

Secrets: (laughing)

Laura: ‘That’s actually not my favourite cocktail – I prefer mojitos. Or Champagne cocktails. There’s something really sexy about flirting over a glass of bubbles, don’t you think? It’s all naughty and luxurious and the fizz makes me horny as hell. Champagne goes straight to my knickers.’

So there you go guys – forget the chocolates and roses - the way to a girl’s heart is a glass of Champers and a latex frock. That sounds like the perfect night in to us, and if it sounds like it might be your ideal evening too, just give Secrets a call on 0161 798 6769 and ask for Laura – an absolutely unforgettable date.