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Increasingly we hear about the relatively new phenomenon of sugar daddies and sugar babies. Although these sorts of arrangements have been in existence for a long time, it's only recently since the explosion of TikTok and Instagram that we've seen girls (also known as sugar babies) taking to the internet to boast about relationships with generous older men (sugar daddies). There are even websites where prospective sugar babies and sugar daddies can find each other with a view to establishing relationships which, on the face of it, appear to be very financially beneficial to the sugar baby. The idea behind these very unique relationships is that sugar babies and sugar daddies have a mutual agreement whereby the sugar baby receives money or gifts in return for whatever the sugar daddy requires. Unfortuntely, this is is where the arrangements become a bit murky.


TikTok is full of videos of pretty young women crowing over their 'hauls' and offering tutorials on how to catch a wealthy sugar daddy, seemingly with zero return expectations from the men in question. It doesn't take a genuis to work out that while a handful of these relationships undoubtedly exist, the vast majority of men who wish to support a younger woman financially will only do so with the expectation that he will receive a benefit of some kind in return. Think about it - who throws away thousands of pounds a month to get absolutely nothing back? Very rarely do you get anything for free in life, and this is certainly the case with these types of relationships. What many viewers of these TikTok videos aren't aware of is that a significant number of sugar babies are in fact quietly advertising on behalf of the websites that promote matches between sugar babies and sugar daddies. These websites charge a fee to join as well as monthly fees and extras to keep making matches, so it stands to reason that they need to advertise for users, and what better way to do that than by getting apparently successful sugar babies to brag about how much they receive for doing nothing at all? 


In reality, a sugar daddy/ sugar baby relationship is very much based on individual expectations - both of which can be high. The sugar daddy will lavish money and gifts on the sugar baby and in return the sugar baby will need to keep her sugar daddy happy in whatever way he chooses. It's starts off pretty basic - a couple of photos or a video here and there. The sugar baby thinks 'this is easy' and starts getting used to the money, but before long the sugar daddy wants more. Photos and videos become more graphic. Once you've sent them you have no control over what happens to them, but the money is good so you throw caution to the wind and send them anyway. Then your sugar daddy wants to meet and he's not talking about taking you out for dinner. All of a sudden you're there in a hotel room and he's not taking no for an answer - after all, he's paying good money and unless you're in a position to give it back, he's going to want his money's worth. Surprise surprise! The nice, generous older guy had an agenda after all. You don't feel particularly safe but you've got yourself into this situation and there's no one there to help you out of it. So you're there trying to entertain someone who's 30 or 40 years older than you when you thought all you were going to have to do is flirt a bit. There isn't an attraction - that's not what it's about for you, but it is for him. And again, the money is good and you've spent it now - you couldn't give it back even if you wanted to - so you throw caution to the wind and do what you have to do anyway. You say you're not going to do it again, but it's hard to put a relationship into reverse once it's already gone there, and THE MONEY IS GOOD! Each time you meet, the 'job' that you didn't actually sign up for gets harder as his expectations grow... but the money is good... even though you thought you weren't going to have to lift a finger to make it. 


Our advice? Be careful out there. If you're seeking an arrangement with an older man, keep your eyes and your mind wide open because what you see on Tik Tok is just the tip of the iceberg. Metting a sugar daddy can have consequences for your personal safety as well as your mental health. If you're prepared to enter into a transaction for your time and companionship why not consider doing it via an agency who looks out for your safety and welfare? Being an escort at Secrets Escorts directory means that you don't even have to enter into an ongoing relationship to be financially rewarded - you simply spend time in the company of a client for an agreed sum of money and you get to walk away with absolutely no ties or bonds. The transaction is completely honest and transparent, the exectations of both parties are agreed beforehand and, best of all, your personal identity remains private. Interested? give us a call on 0161 798 6769 or complete our online application form right here

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