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Tasha Is The Perfect Female Companion

Tasha is the perfect female companion for gentlemen seeking classy, intelligent company in the evenings or a romantic dinner date.

This sexy curvy princess has soft, radiant caramel skin, striking good looks and a rich, delicious, honey-sweet voice that reminds you of warm days spent in bright sunshine. Tasha’s beauty lends her an exotic look that is as subtly captivating and elegant as it is sultry.  If there was ever a lady with whom to spend candle-lit nights dining on delectable delicacies and tasting fine red wine, your fingers not-so- accidently brushing each other as you reach for the bottle, then Tasha is most certainly she.  

A seductive combination of long black hair, big long-lashed brown eyes and rosy, pouting lips, Tasha looks much younger than her age, and she still has all the energy of youth, while possessing all the sensuality, skill and experience of a woman just in her 40’s. 

A high-powered career girl all her working life, Tasha has a dynamic, go get ‘em personality and she’s never happier than when she’s pursuing what she wants – and getting it! By her own admission, once she has a goal set in her sights, Tasha doesn’t stop until she succeeds, and only then is she fully satisfied – until the next target is in sight of course! If you’re seeking the company of a fiery, passionate lady who can converse at every level, then Tasha is happy chatting about everything from her latest lingerie-buying spree, to current events and politics, while revealing just enough of a lace stocking top under her fitted business skirt to keep you very interested in the conversation.

With a never-ending wardrobe of everything from sexy business suits, pencil skirts, tailored blouses, stockings and heels, to glamorous designer evening wear with just enough sparkle to dazzle her companion, while still being discreetly and modestly understated enough to blend into any crowd of professionals, Tasha is the perfect date for public social occasions and formal outings alike.

And once the formality ends, and it’s just the two of you enjoying some time alone behind closed doors, Tasha is a date that must be experienced to be believed. Her love of shopping extends to a taste for some very naughty lingerie that allows her to express that passionate, ardent side of her wild, fiery African personality. This escort is as physical and carnal as she is clever and witty, making her a relaxing and satisfying antidote to a stressful day in the office.   

A highly recommended escort for visits to homes and hotels across the North West, Tasha is ready and waiting. Just call 0161 797 6769 to make a booking.

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