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Back in the day it was pretty much unheard of for agency escorts to be tattooed, and I remember my first agency boss shooing away patterned ladies (however pretty and vivacious) with a great deal of tutting. I started off in the escorting industry around 20 years ago and back then it was still unusual even for the average woman to sport a lot of tattoos, let alone those who wanted to work as escorts. Around the mid-nineties, the odd little inking in the small of a woman's back, on the hip/ boob/ bum etc was considered to be a bold-ish statement without being too 'out there' - after all the Spice Girls were doing it, so when I first went under the needle with a relatively tiny, 3 inch long tribal piece that came out of a book and had absolutely no significance or meaning beyond being considered a bit naughty and cheeky, I honestly thought I was being a rebel. Sleeves and big pieces of body art though, as I remember it, were definitely considered a male prerogative, and a woman sporting anything bigger than the odd wee 'tramp stamp' (thank you for that lasting reference mother) would have been considered downright alternative. More specifically in the escorting industry, bar the odd pair of lips or red devil around the buttock area, the idea of promoting yourself or other girls covered in artwork was pretty much unthinkable. Back in the 90's and noughties, escorts working from agencies were most definitely expected to meet a very traditional expectation of femininity with natural flesh, unmarred by any kind of symbol of rebellion - after all, you're there for the pleasure of the client, not to satisfy any notions of individuality. The same went for hair colour, which was ideally blonde, brunette or titian and worn long... ONLY long. Mind you, we are talking about an era when mobile phones were the size of bricks and 'wouldn't catch on', and everyone thought Apple were going out of business. 

Fast forward 20 or so years and escort agencies and escorts themselves are very different. In the last 20 years women have come a long way when it comes to expressing individuality, taking power for themselves and owning their right to share the planet significantly with the other 50% of the human race - thank you Spice Girls (et al). These days it's not uncommon to see women sporting all manner of haircuts and colours and being inked in every conceivable artwork in every conceivable place that isn't pierced. I've seen some exceptional artwork displayed on the female form, and with the rise of the hipster, tattoo artists have just gotten better too. In 2018 it's more unusual for me to meet a prospective escort that isn't inked than one who is - it's just our culture now. Some of our escorts have taken tattooing to a whole new level, using their earnings to fund their fetish for ink - and why not? What's considered 'pretty' constantly shifts and we increasingly see a number of genuinely stunning, model-type escorts with some very sexy and very bold tattoos. As for me, apart from that one little rebellious scrawling on my hip, I didn't go under the needle again until a good few years after I hung up my stockings and sussies - call me old fashioned but I still had the words of that escort agency boss ringing in my ears about freedom of expression being the domain of the perpetually clothed and I chose to wait until I was exclusively my own woman before patterning my body with images that now actually mean something to me.  

All this puts you guys into two camps - those who like ink and those who don't. Some of you guys love chilling out and comparing body art, sharing the stories behind the ink and chatting excitedly about favourite tattoo artists; others prefer the unsullied golden or ivory skin of a girl stretched out with ‘ner a pattern or blemish to be seen. Here at Secrets Escorts Manchester we're thrilled to welcome escorts with tattoos as well as escorts without. Being an inclusive and open-minded escort agency, we recognise that beauty comes in all forms and, which we want to make sure we're only representing the top escorts in Manchester and the prettiest party girls around, we don't discriminate on the basis of individuality. So 7 days (and nights) a week you'll find a range of stunning, highly rated Manchester and North West escorts, some with tattoos and some without, but with one thing in common - a desire to please. Check out our availability page for more details about the escorts working today and tonight. 

If you're a tattooed escort looking for escort agency work, don't be shy - give me a call to arrange an interview. 

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