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Trick Or Treat In Manchester This Halloween?

A Halloween Date Thrills Teen Companion Taylor

Smoothing down the netting under the satin of her obscenely short black satin skirt, Taylor picked up the plastic cauldron filled with sweets, chocolate and mini jelly shots, checked that she had just the tiniest bit of bum cheek showing over her fishnet stocking tops and blew a kiss at her reflection in the mirror. Emerging from the ladies’ loos, long eyelashes batting under the brim of her witches’ hat, Taylor clocked the queue of guys at the bar and swung the cauldron lightly as she sashayed past, fully aware of her green-tinged allure. As far as ‘sexy witches’ go – she’d definitely nailed ‘sexy’ and reckoned she could enchant just about any man in the room.

‘Oi babe, giz a shot!’, ‘Hey darlin, where’s ya wand?’, ‘Come and put a spell on me babe!’… Taylor grinned and rolled her eyes as each eager guy tried his luck. Cute – but no one man enough for a trophy witch like her. Wand or no wand, she was looking for a spark that was altogether more… supernatural…

Setting her sugary stash down on a little table in a quieter corner of the bar, Taylor perched on the high stool, enjoying the unexpected cold of the industrial metal on her pert, scantily clad buttocks and admiring the toned length of her legs in the thigh high black stockings as she tasted the first of the jelly shots. Then picking out a little sachet of sherbet from her cauldron, Taylor extracted a lolly and began dipping into the fizzy powder, eyes closing in bliss and mouth watering as the sweet and sour taste hit her tongue.

‘Trick or treat?’

Suddenly alert, Taylor’s eyes shot open guiltily, sticky-sweet lolly still resting between her teeth mid-suck.

The guy leaned casually against the little table, crisp white shirt unbuttoned at the collar and sleeves rolled up to reveal strong, lightly tanned forearms. His aroma stopped her dead in her tracks – spicy, smoky and undeniably expensive. She noticed dark hair that receded slightly and silvered at the temples, but somehow that added maturity only enhanced his subtle good looks. Bright blue eyes twinkled cheekily and his full lips formed a slightly lopsided smile that was altogether… magical.

Taking the end of the lolly stick in her fingers and playing the treat over her tongue, Taylor calmed her beating heart and looked up at him from under sooty lashes.

‘Trick’ she replied with a minxy smile.

Mr Magical bent his head slowly towards hers, and she shivered involuntarily. ‘Oh I was hoping you’d say that’ he whispered, his mouth deliciously close to her neck.

Almost imperceptibly, he slipped a small white envelope into her cauldron, then stood to let Taylor slide from the stool and link her arm with his. As they left the bar, every guy turned to look at the couple, wondering exactly what he had that they didn’t. Taylor just smiled to herself – she was his little Secret.

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