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By God January lasts for ages doesn't it? You think it's nearly over and payday is round the corner - and then you get slapped with yet another week of it. If that wasn't bad enough you've then got the do-gooders with their Dry Veganuaries and you wonder... isn't January bad enough? Why would anyone inflict that on themselves during the crappest month of the year...?     

ANYWAY. It's nearly over and by weekend it will be the deliciously short month that is February. The skies will get lighter, the days will get longer and the daffs will be out. God bless us one and all. 

At Secrets Escorts, we're dragging ourselves out of a bleak midwinter and thrusting ourselves into spring with all the bounciness of a wee lamb. 

So what's new in February? Well, we've got new photos and new backdrops on the way, giving our Manchester escort agency website a fresh new feel. With 16 (YES - 16!) escorts due in on Thursday for photo shoots, the studio is going to be a veritable conveyor belt of elite escort girls all lining up to show you what's hot this February. 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner as well guys - keep posted for SnapChats of our luscious lovelies as we head towards the most lustful day of the year. Expect red, expect lace, expect roses... expect LURVE!

We're also in the process of revamping our recruitment process, making it easier than ever to sign up with our Manchester escort agency. If you don't drive and an interview is just too damn inconvenient - don't panic, Secrets has got you. Just complete our online application form or give us a call for more information on how to sign up to be a Manchester escort online. 

AND FINALLY - what we've all been waiting for! A new loo seat will be gracing the throne in the Secrets Lounge! I know - beyond exciting. God knows what these girls get up to in the bathroom, but the loo seat has officially died and will be replaced imminently by something sturdy and soft-closing. RIP loo seat - you served us well. 

Keep posted for the latest gossip and photo alerts guys - they're a' comin'!

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