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So it was that 7 days ago, I made the last journey into the Secrets Escorts offices for the next 3 weeks. Bins were emptied, curtains were closed and the PC got tearfully tucked under one arm and manhandled into the boot of my little car. Part way through slinging bags of loo rolls and washing through the convertible roof, at least 3 of our male neighbours with whom we happily share a courtyard approached (while keeping a safe 2 metre distance) and expressed their shock and outrage that escorts don't qualify as 'key workers' and disgust that they therefore have to go into lockdown with everyone else. I agree, it's a travesty. But we must all do what Boris says and step into the great unknown of isolation and government-imposed rest in order to save the world. 

The journey home was a toughie and I spent the 20 minute journey with tears dribbling down my face, wondering whether an army checkpoint would have opened up on Barton Bridge sometime in the hour that it had taken to get to the office and head back home. As the sun shone I asked myself 'how long will this last? When will I get to see my Secrets friends and colleagues again? Is it ethical to start drinking wine at lunchtime?'

7 days later and we've all settled a little better into the routine of lockdown. It's remarkable how quickly the rules and practices of isolation become habit: washing hands constantly, the feeling of glee and urge to gloat on Facebook when you manage to secure a packet of pasta on day 5's Aldi shop, and yes, drinking wine at lunchtime. Day 1 was rubbish - mostly spent feeling sorry for myself and making lists to make myself feel better (I love lists). Day 2 was the beginning of The Great Garden Purge, where shit was gotten rid of, old fence panels were chainsawed into burnable pieces and the reality of wheelie bins not being emptied and the closure of the local tip became a catalyst for thinking outside of the box about rubbish removal. Day 3 continued the Great Garden Purge. Patio stones were jetwashed, cardboard and wood were thrown in the chiminea with the enthusiasm of the righteous and the idea of composting became a reality with a quick click on Ebay. Day 4 was a rollercoaster of emotions. I emptied the shed - winner. And then mowed over the cable of the box-fresh lawnmower within 7 minutes of assembling it - loser. On Day 5, the Great Garden Purge was complete: the lawn (finally) got mowed and the grass deposited in the composter; the burning of cardboard and wood continued as we smugly patted each other on the back for pointlessly achieving an empty blue bin.

It's truly amazing how these little victories can, even in the midst of a pandemic, make you feel like you're still conquering the world. I guess for the time being, we've all just got to make the best of things and thank our lucky stars that we're still here to see another day. My advice? Keep as busy as you can, give yourself opportunities to achieve and feel positive, and look forward to the day when all this is over. Because it WILL be over. 

Secrets Escorts Manchester will be back stronger than ever just as soon as we're able to be there for you. Until then, sit tight, check out our stunning escort photos and videos and fantasise at how good you're gonna have it once this lockdown ends. 


Secrets x